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Aug 22nd, 2012

Why Do It Right When I Can Do It Wrong?


Tamara doing it right

What can I say?  Every once in a while Freddy C actually writes a good blog post (kidding, Freddy and I like to give each other a hard time).

In Freddy’s post from last week, Why Do It Right When I Can Do It Wrong?, he shoots down the commonly held notion that if you just go faster in your workout, you’re doing a better job.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to read the post in its entirety.  Yes, it’s a long post, but it’s definitely worth your time.

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Aug 21st, 2012

Mark Your Calendars and be at CFO on October 6th!


It’s that time of year again, everyone:  The Crosstown Throwdown with CrossFit Sweat Shop!

We did this last year at CrossFit Sweat Shop and wrested the Tiki away from them.  From what I understand, they’re out for revenge this year and have been training hard to take it back.  This year the competition will take place on our home floor on Saturday, October 6th.

There will be 27 workouts in total; 17 of which are listed below.  We will know all the workouts come game day, but we won’t know the order.  We’ll be posting a full rundown of the rules later on the blog.  For now, though, know that everyone from CFO needs to be there and everyone has a chance of competing.  There are so many workouts that we need to be able to spread out the workload over multiple bodies throughout the day, so the more, the merrier.  For example, last year Hannah and Leka stopped by CF Sweat Shop to cheer on some fellow CFOers, and lo and behold, we were running low on female competitors, so we threw them into a workout that they ended up winning.

*** If you’d like to take part in the Crosstown Throwdown and represent CFO, send us an email so that we can get a preliminary roster going and get an idea of how many people we’ll have. ***

More to come in the coming weeks, but for now, here are the 17 workouts we know about so far (don’t let your kids read at least one of the workout names):

Good Old Helen: (3 any) 400m run/21 kb swings/12 chin over pull ups. Combined age has to be 135 minimum. One round each.

Fran Off [tm]: (6 men) 21/15/9 thrusters chin over pull ups. Best out of 3 head to head matches. Heat 1 weight 95#, heat 2 weight 135#, heat 3 weight 155#.

Soul Crusher: (5 men) Head-to-head. One set of 21 buprees then, 15/9/3 deadlift then thrusters at 135#.

Running Coach Special: (4 women then 4 men) 8×400 meter relay

Perfect or Push: (6 men) 7 total rounds relay. 15 reps straight of 135# ohsq, then Prowler push. Missed ohsq, means round does not count. Goal is 6 completed rounds.

Cluster Fuck: (10 any) Round 1- Start with tabata :20 on :10 off of these movements… Burpess/empty bar thrusters/push ups/plate jumps*. Add up scores of all 20 participants, bottom 2 scores out of all participants are out. Round 2- Next go 1:00 on, :30 off for each individual movement. After each individual movement, bottom 2 scoring participants are out. Keep cycling through all 4 movements until all of one team is eliminated. *Plate jumps, set a 45 lbs bumper on its edge jump over it. Jump over then back counts as 1 rep.

Staff Infection: (2 women) Max rope climbs in 4 minutes.

Grace: (5 men) Head-to-head. 135#

Row Harder: (2 women) Most meters rowed in 3 minutes. Combine meters rowed of both teammates for score.

How Fat are You: (1 women, ? men) 1000lbs max team weight limit. In 6 minutes each person must do a 1 rep max of their deadlift then strict press. Best lift of each team member is added for score. Entire team must work on one lift at a time. Once team has switch from deadlift to press, they can not go back. If any team member does not lift it’s a DNF for the entire team.

Pull This: (1 man) best of 3, one-on-one tug of war.

T Hammer: (1 man 1 woman) Run one at a time, coin flip who goes first. 21 65/95# ohsq/hammer sled*./15 hspu/hammer sled/9 burpee box jumps/hammer sled. *Hammer sled is the thing fire fighters use in their competitions. We will be borrowing one.

Save Me Buddy Lee: (6 women) 7 round relay. 20 straight double unders, shuttle run. Missed double under means round does not count.

So Fresh, So Clean: (3 women 3 men) 7 minutes to clean as much weight as possible. Every time the bar is lifted, that weight is counted toward the total. 1 bar per team, and 1 person working at a time. Everyone must do 1 clean. Power or full.

Steiner: (1 man 1 woman) 6 minutes to find 1 rep max of snatch and clean and jerk. Only pounds lifted over body weight will be counted.

BASEketball: (4 any) Relay. Team of 4 do 3 wall balls, then run 50 feet down and back*. Goal is 50 total wall balls. If the ball drops to the ground that team loses. Use a 14# ball for men and women to a 10′ target. *The run distance is between CFO and the building next door in the parking lot.

Fran Off 2: (6 women) 21/15/9 65# thrusters chin over pull ups. Best out of 3 head to head matches.

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Aug 18th, 2012

3 Paleo Foods You May Be Over-Doing


Lovely CFO ladies on an outing

We all know that I’m crazy about the paleo diet, or as I refer to it to non-crossfit people: a whole foods diet. Meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds; this is the foundation of any healthy eating plan, in my eyes. And as long as you stick to these foods, there’s no weighing, measuring and most importantly, no calorie-counting. Sweet! For veteran dieters out there, learning that they can eat unlimited quantities of these foods is immensely liberating. It’s one of the biggest draws to the paleo diet. While I think it’s nearly impossible to eat too much chicken & broccoli, there are some “safe” paleo foods that you should eat prudently.

#1 Nuts

Hooray, you’ve cast aside Doritos for dry roasted almonds! Almonds are high in magnesium and a good source of fiber and a 100 times better for you than salty chips or crackers. In the same vein as these salty snacks, it’s hard to know when to stop. So, what’s the big deal? Yes, they are a whole food and snacks are hard to come by in the paleo world, but almonds and other nuts are a dense source of Omega-6 fats.

Omega-6 fats, like Omega-3 fats, are essential, meaning our bodies can’t make them so we have to get them from our diet but they should be in the right ratio. Ideally about 3:1. Foods rich in omega-6 are ubiquitous in our diets and we don’t quite get the right balance of these two vital fats. The average American gets somewhere around 20:1 omega-6 to omega-3! We all know the benefits of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats–it’s why we sell it at the gym–but if you’re munching on nuts all day and drinking almond milk by the gallon then you might be consuming too many of these fats.

Take a look at the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 in some nuts/seeds. The first number is the omega-6:

Chia seeds 1:3
Flax seeds 1:3
Walnuts 4:1
Macadamia nuts 6:1
Avocado 15:1
Pecans 20:1
Pistachios 37:1
Hazlenut 88:1
Cashew 117:1
Pumpkin seed 117:1
Sunflower seed 300:1
Brazil nut 1000:1
Almond 1800:1

Try to stick to the ones with a better ratio.

#2 Fruit

While nutrition can be very divisive, almost everyone can agree that we should eat more fruits and vegetables. It’s the mantra of the health/fitness world. Unfortunately, fruit’s been lumped in with vegetables, giving people a free pass to eat as much as we want. 

On one hand fruit is a healthy substitute for other sweet foods like candy; it’s loaded with fiber and nutrients and it’s a great on-the-go snack . On the other hand, because fruit is sweet and delicious, one can easily devour an entire bag of grapes, cherries, you name it, in one sitting. I know I have. That’s a whole lot of sugar! Just 1 banana has 27 grams of sugar. Yes, I know it’s not that forbidden white stuff, but even too much natural sugar can be an issue for some. For example, if you’re goal is to lose weight, too much fruit can impede your weight loss efforts. Also, if you’re trying to get rid of your sweet tooth, eating copious amounts of fruit is not the best strategy. Fruit can make a good snack but on its own it can spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling hungry and tired shortly there after. I like to keep fruit consumption post-workout, when your muscles are depleted of sugar, especially after a longer metcon. Outside of workouts, stick to the fruits higher in fiber like strawberries, raspberries, or cantaloupe and always pair it with some protein.

#3 Coconut water

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, I know this is a favorite among crossfitters but like fruit, there is a time and place for coconut water. It’s a wonderful natural sports drink that provides the body with much needed electrolytes during or after long workouts. It trumps any other sports drink, in my book! That said, it does contain natural sugars and for that reason it should be consumed post-workout and should not be used to replace water. Water is like the step-child of beverages because it doesn’t taste like anything but it’s vital to good health. How much water do you need? Shoot for getting ½ of your bodyweight in fluid ounces everyday.

Again, in no way am I knocking these foods, this is just some cautionary advice before you all launch into the clean-eating challenge. All of these foods are part of a healthy, balanced diet and if you’re including these in your eating plan, you’re on the right track!

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Aug 17th, 2012

6-Week Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge: Aug 27th – Oct 7th


Last night’s dinner: The Meatza!

This challenge is designed to create the improvements you want in your performance, body composition and health.  Your goals can range from losing body fat, to getting a pull-up or better 400m time to lowering your blood sugar levels.  

We will be judging you on your appearance this time around, because it is important to most people to look better in very little clothing.  We think this is a totally fine and want you to be happy with your beach bod.


  • Before Photos must be submitted by August 27th.  You may take your own photos and submit them to us via email, or come on in and we will take them for you.
  • After Photos must be submitted by Oct 7th.
  • Buy-In is $40.  Male winner and Female winner will split the pot.
  • CFO staff is ineligible and will act as judges (no one but the 2 judges will see your photos, unless you give us permission to post them).


  • Get a partner!  Communicate (whine) regularly.  Share recipes, tips, etc.
  • Record your eating and training.  This way you can look back and see what works and what does not.  
  • Check out the blogs out there!  You will gain encouragement, recipes, success stories and sometimes a decent laugh.
  • Keep up with your training.  Consistency is key, but don’t forget to take those rest days and get enough sleep.
  • Come to the kick-off meeting Sunday, August 26th at 11am (after classes).  We will do a simple Q&A, collect your $$, take photos and distribute some literature. 

There is no ‘cheating’ on this challenge (except perhaps using Photoshop).  We will strongly recommend eating and training programs with which we think you will be the most successful.  Next time you’re in the gym, pick up a copy of the official CFO Clean Eating Guidelines.  I’ll put in a plug for Paleo as a way to regulate your hormones and lose fat while retaining muscle.  This is not the only way to eat, but it works for me.  And if you’re curious about the Meatza (pictured above), the recipe can be found on my most favorite Paleo blog.

Post YOUR recommendations to comments.

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Aug 15th, 2012

Frogman Challenge in San Jose on September 1

A demo workout from the Frogman Challenge

We’re going to try and spotlight upcoming competitions on the blog here from time to time here on the blog, for those of you who are looking to try that first CF competition.

Before going any further, though, please make sure that all of you CFOers, and I mean all of you, keep Saturday October 6 open.  We’re going to being having a really fun event go down at CFO on that day, and the more people who are at CFO, the better.  We’ll post more on this in the next week or so.

On to today’s topic, though…

The Frogman Challenge is a CF competition that combines elements of swimming with more traditional CF gym-based activities (bodyweight exercises, barbell exercises, etc.).  This is a really cool concept and it also gives you a small taste of what CF Games competitors have to go through when they compete (each of the past two CF Games competitions have included a swimming element).

The Frogman Challenge is taking place at Gunderson High School in San Jose on September 1.

The workouts themselves will be briefed and detailed the day of the competition, but you can see what some of the workouts are already by going to the Frogman Challenge website.  

And here’s a brief description of the event from its organizers:

The CrossFit Inland Empire Frogman Challenge is a competition for CrossFit athletes who would like to take their traditional training and apply it in and out of water. Our competition will add an element which hasn’t been used or seen in any other competition. Competitors anaerobic capabilities will be tested. This event promises to break new ground, challenge athletes, and definitely be a whole lot of fun!

For more information, and to register, check out the website.


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Aug 14th, 2012

Occupy Strength Recap


Team CFO, winner of the Strongest Gym award at Occupy Strength

This past Saturday, 8 CFOers (Aisha, Mune, Hyo, Mariko, Nate, D-Sal, Arnold, and Mini) went down to CrossFit One World to compete in Occupy Strength, a strength and conditioning challenge put on by the good folks from Crossfit Football.

The competition format was as follows.

3 attempts to find your 1-rep max in the following lifts in the following order:

Power Clean
Back Squat
Bench Press

After a short break, everybody then completed the following conditioning workout:

4 Rounds for Time:
5 Burpees
25-yard Prowler Push @ ~250#/210#
10 KB Swings @ 70#/53#
25-yard Prowler Push @ ~250#/210#

This was a long, long day of competition and extremely draining.  Everyone fought hard of course, but the most impressive thing of all was the number of PRs everyone got.

Each person’s totals correspond to the 1-rep maxes they got in each of the four lifts, in the following order:  power clean, squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Mune:  115# (PR), 225#, 115# (PR), 230# 

Mune did these lifts while still recovering from a weeklong illness that has continued to plague her.  Kind of scary to think what she’ll do when she’s healthy!

Aisha:  115# (PR), 185#, 95#, 240# (PR)

This was Aisha’s first CF competition and she managed two PRs.  What a great start to her competitive season!

Hyo:  110# (PR), 225#, 110# (PR), 285# (PR)

Hyo has been putting in some serious work over the last couple of months to prepare for this competition and it showed.  Three out of her four lifts were PRs!

Mariko:  135#, 255# (PR), 150#, 325# (PR)

Another first-timer to CF competition and not only does she get two PRs, she finishes THIRD overall in her weight class.  A podium finish in her first competition…not too shabby!

Mini: 205#, 315#, 240# (PR), 380#

This competition was more of a reboot for me (along with the Hercules competition a couple weeks back), and was more about getting back into the swing of things.  Not quite there yet, as evidenced by the lack of PRs (except for bench press), but the competitive season is still young.

Arnold:  225#, 370# (PR), 245#, 435# (PR)

Like Mariko and Hyo, Arnold had put in some serious prep work leading up to the competition and it paid off.  He had major PRs in his squat and deadlift.  Strong work!

Nate:  315# (PR), 425# (PR), 370# (PR), 515# (PR)

In his first CF competition, Nate went four for four in the PR category, setting new bests in each of the four lifts.  What’s scary is that his deadlift and bench press were super easy, which means he has way, way more left in the tank!  Nate finished in 4th place in his weight class, just missing out on a podium finish.

D-Sal:  225#, 520# (PR), 330#, 535#

What can I say about D-Sal other than BEAST MODE?  He just flat out dominated his squat and deadlift.  And while he didn’t set a new PR in the bench press, he tied his current PR.  And to top it all off, Dave nabbed a first-place finish in his weight class, meaning he was on the first-place team and finished first in the individual competition as well.  Two first place finishes in one competition…strong work!

Continue to check our FB page over the next few days; we’ll be posting videos of the top lifts from each CFOer as they become available.

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Aug 12th, 2012

Strong Performances by Team CFO at Occupy Strength


Team CFO hamming it up after winning the Strongest Gym award at Occupy Strength

We’ll be doing a complete update tomorrow on how Team CFO fared at Occupy Strength today (including what the competition involved), but for now, here are the take-home points:

  • Team CFO won the Strongest Gym award, which used the top two male and female scores from each team to calculate a team total.
  • D-Sal won 1st place in the middleweight division in the individual competition.
  • Mariko took 3rd place in the heavyweight division in the individual competition (in her very first CF competition, no less!).

Many PRs were had by all, which will be detailed on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Aug 11th, 2012

CFOers Competing in Occupy Strength on Saturday!

*** Reminder:  Strength Saturday class is moving to Sunday August 12 at 4pm. ***


Photo courtesy of Tom C

Tomorrow a group of CFOers is going down to CrossFit One World to compete in Occupy Strength, a strength and conditioning challenge put on by the good folks of CrossFit Football.

The competition involves finding a 1-rep max in the power clean, squat, bench press, and deadlift, in that order.

After the heavy lifting, there will be a metcon challenge (most likely involving some heavy elements and loading) that will be announced at the competition.

Let’s get some CFO crowd support down there.  Just go to the CF One World site to find directions to the location.  All the action gets started at 9am.

Here are the people I know who are competing from CFO (there may be others I don’t know about):


Let’s represent!

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Aug 9th, 2012

Prather Ranch Delivery Date



The delivery date has been set for the 40-lb boxes of Prather Ranch beef:

Wednesday, August 29th

Here’s the list of people who ordered a box(es).  Number of boxes ordered is in parentheses.

Gabriel (1)
Vee (1)
Denise (1/2) & Adam (1/2)
Sean S (1)
Brandon H (1)
Mariko (1)
Justin (1)
Colleen (1/2) & Stowe (1/2)
Brian C (1)
Steve D (1)
Dawn (1/2) & Tamara (1/2)
Joe P (1)
Sam L (1)
Julian (1/2) & Michelle M (1/2)
Roland (1)
Ev (1)
Marc (1)
D-Sal (1)
Leigh (1)
Jack (2)
Danielle A (1)

Each 40-lb box costs $300.  You can pay via credit card, check (payable to CrossFit Oakland), or cash.

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Aug 8th, 2012

6-Week Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge: Aug 27th – Oct 7th!


Arnie eating for maximum performance – big burrito for the win!

Let’s call this our Indian Summer food challenge, because we all know that our summer is just getting started here in the Bay Area.  Why not take this opportunity to clean up your eating with the help of our awesome CFO community?  Hit the beach with confidence this fall! Our performance-based challenge will return in Spring, but this time around, our winners will be judged on aesthetics and body composition.  Here are some of the basic rules – more details to come next week…


Challenge runs from August 27 – Oct 7th

Before Photos must be submitted by August 27th.

After Photos must be submitted by Oct 7th.

Buy-In is $40.  Male winner and Female winner will split the pot.

CFO staff is ineligible and will act as judges.

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