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May 6th, 2012

“Profiles in Speed” in The Washington Post

AAA 016.jpg

 Coach Arnold performing a clapping push up

The Washington Post is doing a monthly series profiling potential Olympic Athletes and their pursuit of being the best.  The first in the series is Carmelita Jeter, a sprinter.  Here is where you can read about how she is using a computer to help modify her stride to make her run faster.  So far, it is actually working.  Her feet touch the ground five times per second when she is sprinting.

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May 4th, 2012

What Is That Thing?

Some of you may have noticed that white contraption sitting next to the jerk blocks toward the back of the gym, and wondered what the heck that thing is.

It’s known as a reverse hyper and it’s one of the best tools around for developing the support musculature of the low back, glutes, and hamstrings (or the posterior chain, if you prefer).

Here’s what Rogue has to say about the reverse hyper:

This simple device allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase by gently stretching and depressurizing the spine and creating, in essence, an internal pumping mechanism, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the low back muscles with blood. Anyone who has injured their back knows that the pressure needs to be relieved and circulation restored to the injured area in order to rehabilitate. This can be used 3 to 4 times a week for therapeutic work but may also be used by some clients every day with light weight to get tightness out of the lower back area.

I was first exposed to training with the reverse hyper in 2010, and spent a good deal of time using it for about 6 months with great results.

A general prescription when you’re first starting out is for 3 sets of 15 or so reps (as you get more experienced and used to the way the reverse hyper works, you can bump up the reps, and then eventually the sets as well).  How much weight to use is highly variable and depends on where you are in terms of posterior chain health and function.  

This is a great post-workout cool-down.  I highly recommend trying it out–just ask one of the trainers to walk you through it.

And here are a couple of videos with some explanations on its benefits and usage.  The first is from Kelly Starrett, and the second from Louie Simmons, the guy who designed the thing and rehabbed his broken back on it.

K-Star breaking down reverse hyper mechanics


Louie Simmons talking about his experience with the reverse hyper

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May 3rd, 2012

Two New Boot Camps start next week! Limited Space Available!


Sierra working some mad skills on her Recovery Day

Two new CFO Strength and Conditioning Boot Camp sessions start next week.  You can enroll online or in person.  Email us with any question or to reserve a spot. Choose from the following options:

3x/week: MWF at 10 am for 4 weeks: May 7th – June 1st

2x/week: TTH at 9 am for 6 weeks: May 8th – June 14th

Here’s what you can expect:  Each session will include strength work utilizing the deadlift, squat or press. There will also be a focus on pullups, pushups and other body-weight movements. Every class will end with a conditioning workout that will put your body to the test.

You will be coached on form and technique for all lifts and movements and pushed to your limits during the workouts. As always, Crossfit workouts are scalable to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this program will get you stronger, faster and more fit.

Boot Camp participants have seen some tremendous gains in their strength numbers and overall fitness while having an absolute blast – all while they support and encourage one another.  Come on in and see what it is all about. 

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May 2nd, 2012

How to Tackle Muscle-Up Progressions


We’ve been throwing muscle-up progressions at many of you as skill work about once a week, and will continue to do so.

So what to do for the progression?  You can do exactly what Carl lays out above:  one ring pull-up to chin, one to chest, and one to hip.  If you can’t get the rings to your hip, get as close as you can.  Once you can get to the hip, you have the necessary strength to get a muscle-up, for sure (then we just need to work on timing the transition).

And congratulations to the following people who’ve gotten their first muscle-ups in the past week:

Dave W

Check out our FB page for videos of these first muscle-ups for a little inspiration!

(And make sure you "like" our FB page, if you haven’t already done so.)

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May 1st, 2012

CFO Volunteers Needed for a Great Cause!


Jacques coaching one of ACORN Woodland’s students on the front squat

Last year, a number of us from CFO had the opportunity to volunteer our time to and coach at the ACORN Elementary School Sports and Fitness Fair.  The Fair was a a 3-hour time slot dedicated to teaching kids about various aspects of physical fitness.  We put together all kinds of CrossFit-inspired drills and games for them.  

This all happened because of Ellie, fellow CFOer and teacher at ACORN Elementary School.  She’s the one who organizes the whole thing.  The Fair is right around the corner, and I’m hoping we can get a ton of volunteers to help out again this year.  

It’s totally worth your time and you’ll be helping out a lot of kids in the process!

Here’s a message from Ellie, including date, time, and how to contact her.

I’m organizing the Sports and Fitness Fair at my school again this year and I’d love to have some CFO volunteers come again! It was such a success last year! Would you be willing to post it on the CFO page to see if anyone is interested?

It is on Thursday, May 24th from 9am-12pm. I do need volunteers to stay for that whole time block in order to make things equitable for the students.

The volunteers can plan their own station or have me plan one for them. I have lots of equipment volunteers can use or they can bring their own. They will teach to a group of 12-14 students at a time for around 10 min. and then a new group will rotate through.

CFO’ers can comment on the blog if they’re interested, leaving their name and e-mail, and I can follow up individually with them.

School Info:

ACORN Woodland is a small, public school located in East Oakland , just walking distance from the Oakland Coliseum. We serve 250 students, Kinder-5th grade. Physical fitness and nutrition are essential elements of our school’s mission. We firmly believe that a successful educational experience preparing all students for college must include a balance between rigorous academic preparation and an education of the whole child. We consistently encourage and nurture social, emotional, cooperative and team-building skills through competitive and non-competitive sports and games. Before leaving our school, each of our students has a chance to find their niche in the world of physical fitness and feels successful in a variety of core sports and recess games. We’d love to diversify the skills with some Crossfit elements again!

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Apr 30th, 2012

Welcome to More On-Rampers!


The latest batch of On-Ramp graduates

Another 4 weeks down, another new batch of CFOers.  Our most recent On-Ramp just finished up this past Friday.  Now they’re ready to train in our group classes.

Welcome to CFO group classes, everyone!

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Apr 29th, 2012

Atlas Stones

 Here is a little footage of some of you lifting the stones at the gym.  Some interesting technique involved in lifting the Atlas stones–more trick than strength?  What do you think?

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Apr 27th, 2012

Carl Paoli Breaks Down La Pistola

Carl discussing some of the finer points of the pistol

We’ve been doing, and will continue to do, a lot of skill work on pistols.  Check out the video above for some more pointers on how to perform pistols better (or get your first one).

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Apr 26th, 2012

Sign Up NOW for the Tough Mudder!

CFO MudRun.

 Let’s just say it’s been WAY too long since CFO’ers ran around in the mud

Registration fees for the Tough Mudder on Sept 29th increase $30 after April 30th!  Let’s get this team assembled.  Don’t worry if you are not prepared – we have Coach Aaron standing by with a complete training program which will augment the CrossFit you are already doing.

Everyone says this is an experience not to be missed and doing it with a team makes it even better.  So far Team CFO boasts 13 members.  While that is a very lucky number, we definitely have room for more.  So take a chance and put your training to the test. 

Formal training begins in June.  You can find out more details and register here.  Just shoot us an email and we will send you the team password so you can formally join Team CrossFit Oakland. Get ready for a good time!

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Apr 25th, 2012

Occupy Strength Competition August 11



With powerlifting meets, Olympic lifting meets, the Tough Mudder, and the CrossFit Games all happening in 2012, there’s plenty to train for.

I wanted to throw one other competition your way, though, that’s coming to the Bay Area on August 11.  It’s the Occupy Strength NorCal Competition, which is a CrossFit Football strength and conditioning competition.  It’s going to be run down at CrossFit One World by Freddy C and his crew, and it promises to be a great day of testing one’s limits.

It’s comprised of 2 parts, a strength test that involves testing your 1-rep max in the power clean, squat, bench press, and deadlift, and a metabolic conditioning workout no longer than 15 minutes, and most likely involving some fairly heavy weights, shorter sprints, and the like (this is just a guess on my part, though).

This competition serves as a nice middle ground between a traditional powerlifting meet (all max effort lifts, no metcon) and something like the 2012 CrossFit Games Open (all five workouts were metcons of varying lengths and levels of skill and strength, but no max effort lifts).  It gives you a chance to go your absolute heaviest and still test your conditioning.

I’ll be doing this (in the lightweight category, obviously), and hopefully I can get a lot of you to join me as well.

Full details are here:  Occupy Strength NorCal

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