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Mar 10th, 2012

Movement Prep for 12.3 and Heat Assignments

K-Star prepping you for Games Workout 12.3

Watch the video above before you do tomorrow’s workout, whether in group classes or as part of the Saturday Games heats.

And if you’re in the Games heats, open the PDF attachment below for your heat assignment.  This is a longer workout, so the heats are stretched out to half-hour intervals.  Make sure you pay attention to when you’re going so that you give yourself enough time to warm up thoroughly, but that you don’t get there too early and cool down before you get your box jumps, push presses, and toes-to-bar underway.

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Mar 9th, 2012

Some Movement Prep and Analysis for CF Games Workout 12.3


The video above is Carl’s breakdown of CF Games Workout 12.3, which is as follows:

Max Rounds Plus Reps in 18 Minutes:
15 Box jumps (M 24" box / F 20" box)
12 Push press (M 115 lb / F 75 lb)
9 Toes-to-bar

This is also going to be the Saturday group class workout, so everyone needs to be prepared for these movements.

Tomorrow night, I’ll post some more mobility stuff you can do before the workout from Kelly Starrett, as well as the heat assignments.

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Mar 7th, 2012

Recap of Tamara’s Performance in the Nationals

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Tami snatching 75 kilograms (165 pounds) and making it look easy

Last week, we wrote briefly about Tami competing in the USA Weightlifting Nationals and Olympic Trials in Olympic Weightlifting.  So not only does she compete in CrossFit competitions (and oh by the way, she tied for the the 25th best score in the world in the snatch workout from the CrossFit Games last week), she also qualified to compete in this country’s premiere national competition in Olympic Weightlifting.

Although she fell just a tad bit short of her goals, in the end, she finished up in 6th place!  This is remarkable because she only spent about three months preparing for the competition, and really didn’t focus on the lifts very much prior to that.

Her goals for the meet were to get 80 kg on the snatch (176 lbs) and 100 kg on the clean-and-jerk (220 lbs).  She ended up with 75 kg on the snatch (seen above, 165 lbs) and 91 kg on the clean-and-jerk (200 lbs).  She narrowly missed getting a 95 kg clean-and-jerk, and actually got it overhead pretty easily.  She was called for a press-out, though, so the lift didn’t count.

All in all, though, finishing 6th place in the country ain’t too shabby!

And to top it all off, Tami’s not even finished yet.  This summer she’ll compete for Team USA once again on the Women’s Baseball team.  Team USA competes against other teams from all over the world every two years in the World Cup.  In case you’re new to CFO, you can read up on some of her exploits when she last played for Team USA on our blog here:


In short, she went all Babe Ruth on everyone, hitting multiple homers (sometimes in consecutive at-bats, no less).

What can I say?–Tami has serious game!  We’re really lucky to have her here at CFO, as a an athlete and as a trainer.

(Too bad all that athletic prowess doesn’t translate on the tennis court, though–just an inside joke between Tami and me.)

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Mar 7th, 2012

PARTY TIME and other upcoming events!


3-2-1… CHUG!

PARTY TIME!!!  On Saturday April 7th at 4pm , the CFO Prison Yard will be the place to be.  There will be eating, drinking, music and lots more…  We have a lot to celebrate, so make sure you come by.  Significant Others and Offspring are welcome!

Other event reminders:

Functional Movement Clinics with Dr Aundi: Sunday March 11th (upper body) and Sunday March 25th (lower body)both run from 4pm – 6pm and participation is capped at 24.  There are only a couple of spots left for each day, so make sure to send an email if you’d like to attend.  If you have already emailed, you should have gotten a confirmation back.

Crossfit Oakland has officially been added as a team for the Tough Mudder, race held on Sept 29th in Patterson, CA, but you must register as a participant and join the team soon if you would like to take on this awesome challenge.  On April 30th the price goes up significantly, but rumor has it the race will be sold out long before then. As the race date gets closer, the team will be training together, so that we can be prepared to DOMINATE! Email us with any questions or to get the team password so you may join.

On Wednesday March 21st, the gym will close at 5pm for staff development.  Please plan to get your WOD on before 5pm.  

And finally, 3 new On-Ramps and a new Boot Camp have been added to the upcoming schedule, including a NEW On-Ramp time (MWF @ 12pm):

On-Ramp Mar 19 – Apr 13: MWF @ 7AM (Morning)
On-Ramp Mar 26 – Apr 20: WWF @ 12pm (Afternoon)
On-Ramp Apr 2 – Apr 27: MWF @ 7PM (Evening)

Boot Camp Mar 27 – May 3rd: TTH @ 9am

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Mar 6th, 2012

Warm Up, Work Out, Cool Down–Don’t Forget the Last Piece!

K-Star singing the praises for the proper cool-down

You warm up prior to your training session, you kill it in your workout, so why not add the icing to the cake and cool down properly?  Even if you have to take baby steps (e.g., rolling out or doing mobility work for 2 minutes post-workout), do it.  Taking care of mobility in general, and specifically after a tough workout or two, is critical to getting you to that next level of performance by keeping you in the game.  It’s not so much that mobility work can help you get PRs all on its own (although it could, if done properly, especially when done for specific movement patterns that give you problems, because it gives you a chance to get into a better position in those movements), it’s that it keeps you in the game by giving you more opportunities to train and put in high-quality work because you’re injury-free.

So get to it.  That’s why we put the mobility stuff at the front of the gym, so that you can cool down after the workout and not be hindered by the next class coming in.  No excuses!

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Mar 5th, 2012

March Rest Day Challenge



Congratulations to the few, the proud, the folks who did the February Rest Day Challenge, which was Max Double-Unders in 3 Minutes.

In the end, Connie took top honors for the women with 235 reps and Justin took it for the men with 216 reps.  Nice work, you two!

In March, we shift on over to the pull-up bar for the Rest Day Challenge, although we won’t be doing pull-ups.  The March Rest Day Challenge is Max Toes-to-Bar in 2 Minutes.  If we’re lucky, we might even see this movement come up in the CF Games Open.

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Mar 3rd, 2012

Heat Schedule for Open Workout 12.2, Plus Cheers for Tami!


CPeak going chest to bar

Below is the heat list for CF Games Open Workout 12.2.  As usual, if you don’t see your name on the heat list, email us.

Also, I want to take a moment to encourage each of you participating in the Open to really try and go in the heats that we schedule each Saturday.  The difference in energy is substantial, and with the crowd there to support you, I guarantee you’ll be able to dig a little deeper.  It’s totally worth it to be a part of the Saturday heats.  Just ask anyone who’s participated.

Tami on the Big Stage This Weekend

We’re pretty caught up with Games fever right now, so you might not be aware, but CFO superstar Tamara Holmes is competing in the Olympic Trials for Olympic Weightlifting this weekend.  This is the USA Weightlifting National Championship, and not surprisingly, Tamara qualified.  Just in case it’s not obvious, this is ridiculous!  She qualified after just one meet (you need to total a certain number of pounds–er, kilograms–in order to qualify to compete at Nationals).

Also, for those of you who know MJ (Mike Jenkins), of Femme Fit fame, he’s also competing and has been putting in some hard training!

Unless the schedule changes, it looks like she’ll be lifting on Sunday at 1:45pm CST (11:45am PST). 

(Tami, if you’re reading this, please confirm so that we can all watch you compete.)

You can read more about the Nationals here:  www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/home/sports-and-events/weightlifting.html

And you can watch it go down here:  www.universalsports.com/video/assetid=8e971a25-bca6-4e40-85ec-52790fd65f00.html

Get some, everyone, whether in the Open or on the platform in weightlifting!

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Mar 2nd, 2012

Good Movement Prep for Workout 12.2

Good advice, as usual, from K-Star on movement prep for Games Workout 12.2

Here’s some rock-solid advice on mechanics, movement prep, and mobility for CF Games Workout 12.2.  This applies if you’re planning on attending the Saturday group classes, too, since you guys will be running through this workout as well.

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Feb 29th, 2012

Anyone up for the Tough Mudder?


Joey prepping to tackle last year’s TM with Team Pixar

I know we all have Open Sectionals on the brain (Holy Snatch, Batman!), but what about life after the games?   How will we ever test our awesome fitness when the games season is over?  Wouldn’t it be fun to compete as a team in something that involves fire, water and mud??  Here are some particulars:

What:  "Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie."   You can read more here.

When:  September 29th, 2012 - start time TBD

Where:  Diablo Grande, Patterson CA (less than 2 hour drive from CFO)

If you are interested in forming a CrossFit Oakland team, reply to this blog post or send an email and let us know.  Cost is $125/person until April 30th, so let’s make that our deadline for participation.  The team can be any size, so the more the merrier.

Now about that next Games WOD…

Workout 12.2
Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)
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Feb 29th, 2012

To Drop or Not to Drop?


Another one bites the dust

Today we had our second 5-lb bumper/training plate break in as many weeks.  That’s not a good trend.  I don’t like to be a gym cop, but losing equipment that is extremely useful for many in the gym is not something that we can continue to have happen.

With that in mind, here are some rules that will help guide you when in doubt over the drop or no-drop question.

You cannot drop any of the following from overhead (or even off the ground):

  • Empty bars (they bend and eventually become unusable)
  • Bumper plates (large diameter plates, usually made of rubber) or training plates (large diameter plates, usually made of plastic) weighing 10 lbs or less.  The 5-lb plates and 10-lb plates simply can’t take the beating of repeated drops from above ground.  Eventually they crack and break.
  • Iron plates of any weight
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells

You can drop the following:

  • A bar loaded with bumper plates of 15 pounds or more on each side.
  • Just about anything else other than the stuff mentioned in the "cannot drop" list above

And one other thing to keep in mind:  Think about how you combine weights when loading a bar.  Since the 5-lb and 10-lb bumper plates are by far the most brittle of the plates, if you find yourself increasing the amount of weight on the bar (whether in a strength workout or a conditioning workout), trade them up for thicker, sturdier alternatives.  So rather than having two 10-lb bumper plates and one 5-lb training plate on each side of a bar, opt for a 25-lb plate.  Also, whenever you can, use iron 5-lb plates instead of the 5-lb training plates, if you’re adding weight to the bar.  Of course, if you only have a 5-lb plate on each side (i.e., no other weight on the bar) and you’re lifting from the floor, go with the 5-lb training plates (just don’t drop them).

Finally, if you’re unsure about any of this stuff when training, just ask us.  We’ll be happy to help out and answer any questions you might have.

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