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Apr 18th, 2012

Change is Hard & The 80/20 Rule


Vee & Peak

Found a couple of articles to share, posted on the CrossFit Affiliate blog.  Perhaps these thoughts from other cult members will speak to you:

The first is called "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth about Change" from a blog called CPMFitness.  If you find yourself stuck in a bad habit and really want to change it, check out this little factoid:

"Science has shown that patterns of thoughts and actions repeated many times over create what’s called a neuro-signature or a "brain groove," or a series of interconnected neurons that carry the thought patterns of a particular habit. Attention feeds the habit. When we give our attention to a habit, we activate the brain groove, releasing the thoughts, desires, and actions related to that habit. Luckily, our brain our malleable (like our muscles in our body:-). If we stop giving attention to the bad habits, those grooves weaken i.e. stop working out. When we form new habits, we drive new grooves deeper with each repetition, eventually overpowering the previous ones."

The second article is from the blog of CrossFit Hustle in Kentucky and is called The 20 Percenters.  I am particularly fond of misquoting the 80/20 rule, so I found this one fun to read.  The author cautions his clients to resist the urge to remain in the world of 80%, when there is so much to be gained from that 20% we tend to avoid.

"But think about the potential in the last 20 percent. That’s where success is exponential with every percent. Each extra effort you make in your life puts you ahead of the rest because if they are working hard, they’re most likely doing it 80 percent of the time."

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Apr 17th, 2012

Congrats to our newest Grads!

April On-Ramp.jpg

Check out our latest On-Ramp graduates!  This super-fun and super-fit group finished the On-Ramp course last Friday morning, so keep a look out for their shiny new faces and make sure to introduce yourselves and say hey.

Next morning On-Ramp will run Apr 30th – May 25th:  Mon-Wed-Fri @ 7am. 

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Apr 16th, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday to Mike!!

Bday Card.jpg

Just because Mike is out of the country with no access to a computer (at least that is what he told me), doesn’t mean we can’t wish him a very Happy Birthday as today, April 15th, is his actual, real-life birthday. 

Yes, it is also Tax Day, so consider this a friendly reminder to get those income tax returns into your friendly government collections center.

But back to Mike’s birthday… This one is SOOOOO big, that in addition to a huge party last Saturday and this celebratory post, Dawn put together a lovely gift from all of us.  It is a large photo frame mat, signed by as many of you as humanly possible. 

If you have not yet had a chance to sign the mat (pictured above), it will be available to you this week at the gym so that you may add to it your best birthday wishes for Coach Mini.


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Apr 15th, 2012

Rowing Technique

Here is a great video about rowing technique that Mike has posted in the past. I thought it would be a good refresher after the workout today.

This video from Concept2 goes over the most common technique errors seen with the rower.  If you find progress on the rower to be challenging, check out the video and see if you are doing something wrong.  Tomorrow is a great day to practice your technique.  There are also a few drills posted on the most recent MobilityWod.

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Apr 13th, 2012

Great Seminar for the Masters Athlete


Mara, Melissa, and Brian C at CFO last Saturday

Since I’m now a part of the Club, I wanted to pass along this great opportunity for the 40+ athletes out there to learn from some of the finest CrossFit coaches out there.

TJ’s Gym is holding a 2-day training camp on June 9 & 10, known as the Masters Class, and it’s designed for anyone 40 or older who is looking to improve their CF skill set.  The list of CF coaches there (Kelly Starrett, Carl Paoli, Jesse Burdick, and Mark Bell, to name just a few) is impressive.  The cost of the seminar is $399, which may seem steep, but I’ve worked with some of these coaches and believe me, this is a bargain (in fact, many of their 1-day seminars are usually $500 and up, and for two days it can be twice as much).

Just to repeat, this is only for those CrossFitters who are 40 and older.  I’ll be attending for sure; hopefully some of you will be joining me.

For full details, and to register, go here:

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Apr 12th, 2012

You look amazing! What does that mean…?


On any given day, I am witness to the vast array of beautiful people that frequent our little establishment (see above).  Seriously, we don’t spend a dime on marketing — you are all just stunning examples of what can happen when one has the courage to walk through our doors.

Perhaps CrossFit simply attracts foxy girls and guys or perhaps it is something more.  Maybe your beauty is a function of hard work, achievement and success and the confidence that comes from these.  Possibly that special glow is the empowerment derived from overcoming failure, frustration and disappointment. Or maybe it is just all the flippin’ testosterone in the air. 

Regardless, as a group you are all ridiculously attractive.  So what does that mean?  Is that important?  Is that why you come to CFO day after day knowing you are just going to suffer and sweat?  If so, is that ok?

How important are aesthetics and what does your appearance say about you? Check out what Ashley Judd has to say about the way the media treats her appearance.  What do you think?  How about this story about a plus-sized, former anorexic model who could find herself out of work because she is now a ‘normal’ size? 

What is wrong with wanting to look great?  If it is so wrong, why does it feel so good when someone tells you how fantastic you look?  Is it ok to put value on our looks?  Or does that make us closet misogynists?  

I have to admit, Ms. Judd’s words definitely got me thinking….Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Apr 11th, 2012

Rack Position for Cleans, Jerks, and Push Presses

150-lb Liao Hui clean-and-jerking 435 pounds

We spent a lot of time (some might say too much time) in group classes today hammering home the point about proper rack positioning for the clean, jerk, and push press.  They’re all racked in a remarkably similar way, with the only real difference being that in the clean the elbows are pointing forward and just the fingertips are in contact with the bar, and in the jerk and push press, the elbows are pointing down more than forward, and the bar more toward the base of the palm rather than the fingertips.

In both cases, the bar is racked on the shoulders, the elbows are angled straight ahead (elbows are not angled inward), and the hands are well outside of the shoulders (not even close, really).

Liao Hui, the lifter in the video above, demonstrates the rack position for the clean and the jerk perfectly.

Skip ahead to the 25-second mark in the video if you don’t want to hear the preamble from the CNN news reporter.  And then simply replay the video, making a mental note of the relationship between shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, and barbell.

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Apr 10th, 2012

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power


Katie and Michelle at the party this past Saturday

Here’s a nice piece, and an even better reminder, on one of the chief goals (if not the chief, after technical proficiency) of our conditioning workouts:  power output.

As a plus, it’s by Robyn’s favorite CrossFit thinker and writer, Jon Gilson, of Again Faster.

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power

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Apr 9th, 2012

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

Learn how to more effectively implement Paleo eating from the world’s leading Paleo expert, Robb Wolf. Hot off the presses, The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide is a practical how-to book for those looking to save time and money on The Paleo Diet. In this e-book, Robb lays out some helpful shopping and cooking tips, weekly meal plans and even provides readers with links to instructional videos. Read more and download a copy here.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Apr 8th, 2012


 Mike and Pinata 012.jpg

A big thank you to all of you who came out to celebrate Mike’s birthday today.  It was great seeing most of you dressed up as Mini!  Thanks to all of you who helped put things together–Daniel for Music, Heidi for drinks, Ann and Zeke for setting up, and of course, Robyn for planning and organizing the whole shebang.

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