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Feb 15th, 2012

Final, Final Order for Prather Ranch


Lance doing rope slams at the Sac-Town Throwdown

OK, folks, after numerous revisions and omissions on my part, here’s the final, final list for the Prather Ranch order.  The 40-lb boxes of meat are going to be dropped off at CFO next Wednesday, February 22 at 6pm.  We can’t accept any more orders at this point.


Here is the price breakdown.  Please make payment no later than Monday, February 20.  You can pay with cash, check (payable to CrossFit Oakland), or credit card.  If paying with credit card, go here:  clients.mindbodyonline.com/asp/main_shop.asp

Whole Box (40-lb):  $250
Half Box (20-lb):  $125

Here’s the list:

Ek – 1
John P – 1
Justin – 3
Jon Y – 1
Andre – 1
Mariko – 2
Sam L – 2
Raymond – 1
Brian C & Joey – 1
Ev – 1
Roland – 1
Arnold – 1
Tami & Denise – 1
Marc – 1
Jason – 1
Stas – 1
D-Sal – 1
Aaron – 2
Wave – 1
Brandon – 1
Dawn – 1
Joe P & Mark P – 1
Gabriel & Sean H – 1
Sabrina & Mark D – 1
Jack & Jade – 1
Lee & Vee – 1
Steve D – 1

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Feb 14th, 2012

More New CFOers!


The 7am On-Ramp Graduates


The 7pm On-Ramp Graduates

We had two recent On-Ramp groups finish up their 4 weeks, so now they’re ready to be unleashed on the rest of you.

Strong work by all of you and welcome to group classes, CFO style!

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Feb 14th, 2012

And….. we’re back!

Site was down overnight due to technical difficulties.  Sorry for the inconvenience and nasty withdrawal symptoms.

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Feb 13th, 2012

Sac-Town Throwdown is a Wrap!


Jenn finishing off one of her ten bar muscle-ups

What a weekend of competition at the Sac-Town Throwdown!

First the quick summary…

For those keeping score at home, here is where each of the three teams finished in the competition.

Masters:  8th Place
Open:  21st Place
Novice:  22nd Place

The Masters team members were CPeak, Marc, Jade, Jenn, and Lance.

The Open team members were Candace, Tamara, Brandon, and Wale.

The Novice team members were Hyo, Katie, Aaron C, and John P.

There were lots of great moments, but here are some that really stood out, in no particular order.

On Saturday

  • John P battled his way through 250 double-unders.  Double-unders were his goat coming into the competition.  I don’t think he can say that any longer.
  • The Masters team finished in 5th place among all Masters teams in the really, really long Quadtathlon, where each member did a 1-mile run, 75 burpees, 250 double-unders, and a 1600-meter row.  That’s not divided up among the four team members; each team member did all that stuff!  This performance was what got the Masters team to day two.  Their final time was 36:02, and they were one of the few teams to finish under the 40-minute cap.
  • Jade carried the team in the Quadtathlon.  She finished her events in the workout so early that she would run out and pace her teammates on the run.  And to top it off, she got her first dead-hang pull-up.
  • Candace and Brandon ran roughshod over a 10-minute AMRAP version of Helen that involved 800m stationary bike sprints, 21 ground-to-overhead with 45-lb/30-lb dumbbells, and 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups.  They ended up with the second best performance of all Open teams!
  • Tamara had to get gritty on the Quadtathlon workout, battling her way through a 1-mile run, 75 burpees, 250 double-unders, and a 1600m row, in that order.  Yowser!
  • Marc powered his way through 13 snatches at 135 lbs in 3 minutes.
  • Katie PR’d in the snatch by 20 lbs!
  • Hyo and Aaron got their first pistols, and then got 4 more in the gymnastics skills competition, having never done them before.
  • Wale powered his way through 75 brutal burpees after blasting the mile run.
  • CPeak made his muscle-up look like a piece of cake.
  • Lance went beast mode on the tire flips and rope slams.
  • And last but not least, Jenn powered through ten bar muscle-ups in the final workout of Sunday, beating two of her three male competitors along the way (she was the only female doing the muscle-ups).  Strong work!

On Sunday

Due to the Masters team’s strong performance in the Quadtathlon and consistent performances in the other three workouts on Saturday, they qualified for the final on Sunday, which consisted of two rough workouts.  Only 8 teams made it through to the finals, and they grabbed that 8th-place spot by 1 point–clutch!

The first Sunday workout was a 400m car pull, where all four members pulled a police car around the track.  The car had four ropes on it and each person pulled one of them.  All the teams were game and this was a tight race from top to bottom.  When it was all said and done, Team CFO finished in 7th place on this workout at 2:32, just 1 second off of the 6th place team, CF Nor Cal.

The second and final workout on Sunday was a team relay race, where each member did a couplet of exercises and then tagged the next person.  Marc did squats and toes-to-bar, Lance did rope slams and tire flips, Jenn did sandbag thrusters and bar muscle-ups, and Jade finished the relay with overhead walking lunges and box jumps.  There was a 25-minute cap on this workout, and only 4 teams made it under the cap.  CFO finished up 6th place overall in this workout, with Jade nearly finishing box jumps as the clock hit the 25-minute mark.  So close!

There was a ton of hard work on display this weekend, and I can’t wait to see people get after it when the CrossFit Open starts up at CFO in 10 days!

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Feb 12th, 2012

Team CFO Still Alive at Sac-Town Throwdown


The Masters, Novice, and Open Teams from CFO at the Sac-Town Throwdown

Kind of a brief update tonight…  

All three teams had strong performances and a bunch of breakout performances from individuals.  I’ll provide a full recap tomorrow here on the blog.

In the meantime, know that the CFO Masters Team–Jade, Jenn, CPeak, and Marc–finished in 8th place after day 1, which means that they’re moving on to the finals tomorrow (the top 8 teams move on to the finals).

All of the scoring information, as well as the Sunday workouts, are posted on the Sac-Town Throwdown Blog.

Let’s cheer our Masters on and get them pumped for a strong performance in the finals tomorrow!

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Feb 11th, 2012

The Shoulder Press and Bench Press

Michelle Pressing

Michelle in the midst of a shoulder press

Firstly,  pictures from the CrossFit Total that took place at CFO in late December are now ready for your consumption. You can revel in watching yourselves and your gym mates hold their collective breaths and perform maximal effort lifts for nothing more than the joy of setting personal records. They can be found at:


Also, I will be holding a Starting Strength Training Camp on the Shoulder Press and the Bench Press on Sunday, March 4, starting at 1 PM. We will probably go until around 5 PM that evening. The camp will start with a discussion of the mechanics of the shoulder press and then transition into a warm up followed by plenty of time underneath the barbell. We will take a break to talk about the bench press and then lift again. The afternoon’s festivities will conclude with a discussion of programming for the pressing movements, injury prevention, and a question and answer period. The cost is $125 and attendance is capped at 8 people to allow everyone a proper dose of constructive feedback delivered at an appropriate volume. Additional details and sign ups can be found at the Aasgaard Company Store.

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Feb 10th, 2012

3 Teams from CFO Competing This Weekend!


The few, the proud, the ones who showed up for the team photo

We have a big thing happening this weekend:  We have three different teams from CFO competing in the Sac-Town Throwdown!

There are three divisions in the competition:  Masters, Novice, and Open.  And we’re sending a team for each division.  This is a great idea for a CF competition, because it allows anyone, regardless of current level of skill or fitness, to take take part in a CF competition and get to compete on a relatively level playing field.

Each team consists of two men and two women, and our teams are as follows:

Jenn T

Aaron C
John P


For many people on the list, this will be their first CF competition.  For others, this will be just another competition for them.  We have a great mix of experienced competitors and newcomers, which is really great to see.

The competition goes Saturday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  After Saturday, the top 8 teams move on to Sunday’s competition.

Let’s give it up for our 3 teams in comments!

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Feb 9th, 2012

It’s Competition Season – Don’t Miss Out!


Manwell:  Veteran Competitor & Birthday Boy (Feb 7th)

‘Tis the season for CrossFit competitions!!  The OC Throwdown and the NorCal 40’s are in the books and the SacTown Throwdown is coming up this weekend in Roseville, CA (we’ve got a ton of athletes participating, so do your best to check it out).  And the Big One – the first step on the road to the CrossFit Games starts later this month when the first workout of the CF Games OPEN is announced on Feb 22nd.

If you have not yet registered to compete in The Open, we strongly urge you to do so.  If you are looking for a reason, check out this blog post from our friends at CrossFit Turlock which asks the question, "Do you want to exercise or be coached"?

We will be holding The Open workouts at CFO each Saturday starting on Feb 25th @ 11am.  You will be assigned a heat, a coach and your scores will be officially validated on the CF Games website. This is a great opportunity to compete against the global CrossFit community and more importantly to see what you’ve gained through your hard work at the gym.

Here’s what you need to do to make it all official: 

1.  Register as an athlete on the CrossFit Games website.  Make sure to choose CrossFit Oakland as your affiliate and again select it as your team.  Do not create a new team – we have already created one and you simply choose CrossFit Oakland from a drop-down menu. If you are not linked to the CrossFit Oakland affiliate and team, we will not be able to validate your scores.

2. If you would like to complete the workouts at CFO and have your scores officially validated by our coaches, you must also register through our CrossFit Oakland site, so that we can arrange judges and organize heats for each Saturday workout.  You can purchase all 5 workouts for $50 or pay our regular drop-in fee of $20/workout.  The deadline to sign up for the 5-week package is Sunday Feb 19th, 2012.  If you are doing drop-ins, you need to sign up by the Thursday preceding the workout.

Please feel free to email us with any questions and get out there and compete!

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Feb 8th, 2012

January by the Numbers


Lance in a moment of calm before his rope workout in the NorCal 40s

January was a pretty good month in terms of hitting the benchmark targets we’d set.  Our January benchmarks were as follows:

Strength Benchmark
Back Squat 5-Rep Max

Conditioning Benchmark
Max Rounds Plus Reps in 10 Minutes:
7 Pull-Ups
10 Hand-Release Push-Ups

We were shooting for an 80% rate of improvement and exceeded that in the back squat and fell just short of that in the pull-up/push-up workout.  There are many factors that can affect the numbers; the timing of the workouts (whether after a rest day or another workout, how early in the week, etc.), how well-recovered people are, and numerous other lifestyle factors.  Taking all of that into account, 80% is a pretty reasonable target that we should be able to hit going forward.

For the Back Squat 5-Rep Max:

  • 84% of you improved your squat 5RM from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.
  • 16% of you stayed the same or got worse on your squat 5RM.

For the Pull-Up/Push-Up Workout:

  • 77% of you improved on your performance.
  • 23% of you did not improve on your performance (nobody stayed the same).

And just a reminder, the benchmarks for February are as follows:

Strength Benchmark
Snatch 1-Rep Max

Conditioning Benchmark
400m Sprint

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Feb 7th, 2012

Prather Ranch Order Follow-Up & February Benchmarks



Here’s who’s in on the Prather Ranch order, along with the number of boxes.  Is there anyone out there who’s willing to split a box?  We have one person who wants to split a box but we need one more person to make the split happen.

Ek – 1
John P – 1
Justin – 2
Jon Y – 1
Andre – 1
Mariko – 2
Sam L – 2
Raymond – 1
Brian C & Joey – 1
Ev – 1
Roland – 1
Arnold – 1
Tami – 1
Marc – 1
Jason W – 1
Stas – 1
D-Sal – 1
Aaron J – 1
Joe P & Mark P – 1
Gabriel & Sean H – 1
Sabrina & Mark D – 1
Brandon – 1
Dawn – 1

February Benchmarks

Tami is taking the reins from Connie for the February programming.  Connie did a great job with January’s programming and I’m expecting the same from Tami this month.  In tomorrow’s post, I’ll discuss January’s results and throw up some numbers related to the January programming.

In the meantime, the benchmarks for February are as follows:

Strength Benchmark:  Snatch 1-Rep Max
Conditioning Benchmark:  400m Sprint Time

We’ll be testing your 1-rep max snatch tomorrow, and we’ll test your 400m sprint time on Wednesday.  Stay tuned!

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