Preparing for the Open

Mar 9th, 2013

Preparing for the Open

* Update:  The heat list has been attached at the bottom of this post (PDF file).  Please review it to make sure you’re on the list.  If you’re not on the list and should be, send us an email.  Also, please make sure you review the judging schedule, in case you’re set to judge a heat that’s earlier than your own. **

Carl breaking down CF Games Open Workout 13.1
There are several good resources out there that will provide strategy and movement prep for each of the Open workouts that come up.
There’s no better place to start than with Carl’s video above.
Another good one to check out is the Mobility WOD video on 13.1.
And if you’re looking for some strategy tips (it’s all about pacing the burpees), check out this post on the Outlaw blog.
For those of you doing the Open on Saturday, I’d strongly recommend skipping the Part B metcon and using the snatch workout that’s been programmed as an opportunity to refine your technique.  Do a few reps at 75#/45#, a few at 135#/75#, etc.  You’ll want to really focus on power snatch technique, as opposed to the full snatch we usually practice.  Work on touch-and-go and keep the volume light.  Then spend the rest of the hour working mobility.
And finally, check back on this post later this evening (or early tomorrow) for the Saturday heat schedule.


Feb 1st, 2013

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Preparing for the Open


Important step in preparing to lift: Calculating the weight

And here are some important steps to prepare you for the CF Games Open!  It’s coming up soon so make sure you are ready…

Step One: Register.  Seems simple enough, but sometimes you lose your mind and forget to register, or submit your score by the deadline or otherwise disqualify yourself from the competition.  Don’t be that guy or gal.  Check out the Games website regularly to keep up with important information.  For now, that means registering and remember to choose Team CFO so your amazing performances count toward the CFO team. And if you are on the fence about competing – get off!  It’s ok to be nervous. No one regrets giving this a go, it is fun and you will like it.  

Step Two: Stay Healthy.  Do not forget the importance of what you do when you are NOT working out.  We will break you down in class, you are responsible for the rebuilding phase. Feel free to ask us for clarification or assistance with any of the following:

Step Three: Mind Your Mechanics.  This is not the time to get sloppy. Stay strong in your positioning throughout each movement – you will perform better, resist injury and just plain look more awesome when your technique is dialed in.  

Recommendation: Check out Coach Aaron’s weekly Track Workouts to practice your running technique and also ramp up your conditioning.  WOD’s are held at Piedmont H.S. track on Saturdays at 8am, $10 drop-in fee.

Step Four: Bring It.  Go big or go home.  Once those mechanics are solid – do not hold back. This is the time to push those limits – especially those pesky mental limitations.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish when you listen to your body and not those negative voices in your head.

I will not be so cliche as to add a Step Five: Have Fun!  Because DUH, this is our definition of fun.  More details on how the fun will be organized coming up in a follow-up post by Coach Mini.  Happy Game Season!

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