CrossFit Classes
Group CrossFit Classes are offered every day of the week at our Emeryville and Uptown locations.  Check our class schedules for specific days and times.

All CrossFit classes are small group, trainer-led and utilize the CrossFit methodology of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements done at High Intensity.  The Workout of the Day or WOD is custom-programmed and typically include a group warm-up, skill/strength work and an intense conditioning piece.

If you’re curious about our program, take a look at our Emeryville class schedule and our Uptown class schedule and choose a group class to observe.  You are also welcome to drop in for free on any of our regular group classes to try us out. If you decide to continue, you must complete either our On-Ramp program or 6 Introductory 1:1 sessions before joining our regular group classes.

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Email us for more information or to schedule private Intro Sessions.