Proper Sequencing for Optimal C2 Rowing Efficiency

Mar 14th, 2014

Category: Emeryville

Proper Sequencing for Optimal C2 Rowing Efficiency


Many of you from the 6am class know Andrea.  We’re psyched that she’s agreed to shoot a few videos for us dealing with technique on the Concept 2 rower (or erg, if you prefer).  We love having people use the rower; it’s a great exercise in its own right and in addition, it’s a great substitution for running if you’re dealing with ankle or knee issues.

That being said, there are a number of key positional faults that you want to make sure you avoid.  In this first video in the series, Andrea goes over the proper sequencing for the rowing stroke, which is broken up into two pieces:  the drive phase and the recovery phase.  Both phases have a correct sequence that you’ll want to get down until it becomes second nature.  In other words, you need to practice it.  You can do it as part of your warm-up, you can do it during your workout, and you can do it as a cool-down.  Every time you sit down on the rower, practice the sequence.  Ingrain it.

And a big thank-you to Andrea for taking the time to educate us on ways to make our rowing stroke as efficient and powerful as possible.  Remember, everything in CrossFit has an optimal technique.  Rowing is no exception.