Recap of CF Hercules Throwdown

Jul 30th, 2012

Recap of CF Hercules Throwdown


The CFO crew showing some guns and grins after it was all said and done

The Hercules CrossFit Battle of the Sexes Throwdown went down yesterday and five of us from CFO decided to throw our hats into the ring and compete.

It was a total blast and everyone agreed it was so much fun to compete and test our level of fitness against others in our age group.  There was a 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s age bracket.  The unique thing about the Battle of the Sexes Throwdown is that men and women compete against one another in a winner-takes-all format (there isn’t a separate male/female division).

Here’s the rundown for each CFOer who competed.

Steve D

Steve, the man with the plan (or many plans), came home with all the spoils after winning First Place in the 50s age bracket.  He was super consistent across the board and cruised to an easy victory in the final workout, which pitted the top 3 finishers against one another in a 3-round workout involving squat snatches and prowler pushes and pulls.  He lapped everyone in the final round…very impressive!


This was Leka’s first ever CF competition, outside of the CF Games Open, and she did awesome!  She’d put in a lot of hard work leading up to the competition and it really paid off.  Even before the competition, she’d had major PRs in the squat and deadlift, so it really came as no surprise that she PR’d in the competition in her clean-and-jerk (the clean-and-jerk was the second event of the throwdown).  In fact, she got a double PR:  her first PR was at 125#, and then she followed that up one minute later with her second PR at 135#.  When it was all said and done, Leka finished in 24th place in the 40s age bracket.  Not too shabby for a first-ever competition!


Much like Leka, Joey had been putting in a ton of work leading up to the competition.  Joey’s always a game competitor, ready for anything that’s thrown her way.  A couple of her highlights:  1) PR’ing her clean-and-jerk at 135#; 2) gritting her way through the third workout and finishing it with 2 seconds left on the clock (she knocked off 50 double-unders in less than a minute); and 3) ripping off 20 straight deadlifts after thinking she’d only be able to get 10 of them done during warm-ups.  At the end of the day, Joey finished in 15th place in the highly competitive 30s age bracket.  Strong work!


Lance stepped up and represented CFO in the 40s age bracket.  There’s never any question about whether Lance is gonna be putting forth 100% effort when he’s out there competing.  He leaves it all out there (and I think the wall he had to jump over might have a little bit of him on it).  A couple of standout moments for Lance:  1) he hit a major PR in the clean-and-jerk by nailing 215#; and 2) he started the third workout by ripping off 50 double-unders and following it up with 40 unbroken deadlifts @ 135#.  He was through with the deadlifts while many were still on double-unders.  When all the dust settled, Lance ended up in 15th place, climbing up the leaderboard as the day went on.


I finished in 4th place in the 40s age bracket, which wasn’t too shabby considering this was my first competition (outside of the CF Games Open) since 2010.  It feels good to be back; I can’t believe it took this long to get back on the saddle.  Can’t wait for the next one (which will be Occupy Strength on August 11, which many other CFOers are doing as well).  No PRs or big moments for me, though; just a lot of butterflies and fun.  Lessons learned:  1) don’t forget your lifting shoes; 2) don’t do the floater WOD immediately following a long metcon at the end of the day.