Registration for the Open Begins Wednesday January 30th!

Jan 28th, 2013

Registration for the Open Begins Wednesday January 30th!


Leka at the top of a ball slam during the NorCal Masters

Just a reminder…registration for the CF Games Open starts this Wednesday, January 30th.  The original announcement on the Open was published on the CrossFit Games site here:  Welcome to the 2013 Season

The Open is the first leg of the CrossFit Games season, and the most inclusive one of them all.  You don’t need to go any further than the gym (or a nearby gym…more on this in a later blog post) to do the workout.  Even better, you get to do the workouts with fellow CFOers side by side.  

We had a lot of people from CFO do the workouts last year, and I’m hoping that we’ll greatly exceed that number this year.  Ask anyone who’s participated in the Open in the past and they’ll tell you how much fun it was (even though the workouts are tough, to put it mildly).  

The format is so much fun, too.  The workouts are published once a week, each Wednesday, with the first one being published on Wednesday, March 6th.  There’s always so much anticipation (and guessing) around what the workout is going to be.  You then have until the end of the week to get the workout done, and you can do it as many times as you’d like.  Most everyone runs through the workout on Saturday morning, when we schedule heats and assign people to them.

I can’t wait for the first workout, and I hope that a ton of you will be joining me.  If you’re on the fence, just do it.  And if you have questions, just ask (either in person or via email).

We’ll be doing at least one more big blog post on the Open, and specifically how the workouts are going to be run on Saturdays this year (we have a little twist in mind).