Reminder: CrossTown Throwdown at CF Sweat Shop on Saturday!

Nov 8th, 2013

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Reminder: CrossTown Throwdown at CF Sweat Shop on Saturday!


It’s upon us, everyone:  the CrossTown Throwdown is happening this Saturday November 9th, and it all gets started bright and early at 8am!

Don’t forget, the Throwdown is taking place at CrossFit Sweat Shop, over in Walnut Creek.  Here’s a Google Map for driving directions.

A few important reminders:

* We still need 4 volunteers to help out on Saturday.  Email us if you can volunteer.

* Remember that our Emeryville and Uptown locations are closed on Saturday.

* Remember to bring food to keep yourself nourished and hydrated.  It’s going to be a long day and we get started early.

* Anyone who wants to carpool should meet at CFO at 7:15am.  We can then coordinate, consolidate, and leave CFO by 7:30am.

* If you’re competing in the Throwdown, use Friday as an opportunity to work on movement and mobility, and to get some blood flowing.  If you’re coming to the gym, work skills and take it easy.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to go hard on Saturday.

* And don’t forget to review our previous post on the Throwdown for workout assignments.  Also, depending on where we are in the competition, the roster can change.  So be ready to go, even if your name isn’t on the list.

Rest up and be ready to lay it all on the line on Saturday!