Roll the Dice? Not for MY fitness…

Jul 21st, 2011

Roll the Dice? Not for MY fitness…


The Man Behind the Whiteboard

Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal that Dawn shared with me yesterday.  It is about a man who rolls a 20-sided Dungeons & Dragons die each morning to determine his workout.  I found it a quick and entertaining read — and not the worst fitness regimen in the world.  At the very least, skip to the end and check out #16.  

Reading this made me (once again) so grateful that I wake up each morning with a highly effective, customized fitness plan in place for me, an awesome venue to do it, and some pretty fabulous workout buddies with which to share the fun and suffering.

For those of you who might not know, our workouts at CFO are NOT chosen at random. Coach Mike programs each day of work (and rest) for our little family.  He bases his choices on all sorts of tried and true methods, science, study and maybe a little voo-doo. If you don’t believe me — test him out.  Ask him questions about a workout that has you confused as to its purpose.  Or ask him what you should do to round out a weakness of yours.  He is some kind of scary, evil genius at this stuff.

So, if you want to get a D&D club going, I am sure Mike would be game, but I am equally confident that he does not use his die to program our WODs.