Sactown Throwdown Recap

Jan 14th, 2014

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Sactown Throwdown Recap


Team CFO at the Sactown Throwdown this past Saturday


As we wrote on the blog a few days ago, we had three teams competing in the Sactown Throwdown this past Saturday.  This was a really long day of competition, with highly varied events ranging from a 4-part test of gymnastics skills to a 1-rep max (1RM) bench press and squat test to a 40-minute AMRAP.  There was also a good ol’ fashioned CF-style metcon of double-unders and toes-to-bar thrown in for good measure.

And that was just to get to the finals!  To get to the finals, you had to finish in the top 8 after all of the workouts above were done.  And guess what?  Two of our three teams made it into the finals, and the one that didn’t missed out by just one point.  That’s legit!

Masters Team

The Masters Team was comprised of Tamara, Leka, Justin, and Brian C.  After a slow start in the gymnastics skills test, they stepped it up big time.  Three of their final four workouts were top-10 finishes.  They climbed all the way from 21st after the gymnastics skills test to 9th after it was all said and done.  They missed out on 9th place by one point.  Talk about close!  Their best performance for the day was the 1RM bench-press-and-squat-test, which was the sum of the 1-rep max bench press and squat for all four of the team members.  They took 1st place on that.  Way to bring it, Masters Team!

Novice Team

The Novice Team had Danielle, Jordan, Luuk, and Sid representing us.  Also of note:  this was the first-ever CF competition for Luuk and Jordan.  This team jumped out to an early lead by finishing 3rd in the 1RM bench-press-and-squat test, and staying in 3rd place the rest of the day.  Besides the 3rd place finish in the strength test, they also had two 1st-place finishes:  one in the double-under/toes-to-bar metcon and one in the ski erg (kind of like a concept 2 rower, but you use your arms while standing to move the erg).  In the finals, which was a head-to-head Fran-Off done elimination bracket style, they narrowly lost in the first round.  Way to represent, Novice Team!

Open Team

The Open Team was made up of Michelle M, Kristy, Will, and Chris.  Their performance for most of the day was consistent, keeping them right around the top 10.  This is right where they needed to be, because the final event was the 1RM bench-press-and-squat-test, which they crushed.  They took 2nd place in the strength test, and that moved them up to 6th place, good enough to make it to the finals.  As a side note, Kristy squatted 350 pounds, which was good enough to win her a free pair of Lululemon pants (pictured above).  They ran into some tough competition in the Fran-Off final, getting edged out by Rocklin CF (they’ve gone to the CF Games the last two years).  Strong work, Open Team!

This will most likely be our last competition before the Open starts.  What a great way to end the pre-season!