Saturday Competition Recap

Dec 16th, 2013

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Saturday Competition Recap



It was a big day of competition for Team CFO on Saturday, to put it mildly!

First off, we had four teams competing at the Reindeer Games at CrossFit Adventure.  Second, we had Lance and Max competing in Modesto at a USAPL powerlifting meet.  Finally, we had Chris competing in an individual competition, the CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown.

Reindeer Games

This competition was a tough one, and really fun!  It’s hard to distill a whole competition down into a single highlight for each team, but that’s what I’m going to do, ’cause this post is gonna be way too long otherwise.

We had two teams competing in the Rx’d division, Team EGA (Colin, Will, Danielle, and Michelle) and Team CFO (Justin, Kamran, Rebekah, and Kristy).  Both competed against some of the best teams around (numerous ones from Diablo CF, including members of their CF Games team) and absolutely threw down.  It was inspiring to watch them.

The highlight of the day for Team EGA was coming out strong in a 16-minute chipper that featured a ton of high-rep movements (double-unders, handstand push-ups, rope climbs, weighted pistols, etc.).  Team EGA jumped all over this one, taking second place overall in the workout.  They worked great as a team and had a solid plan, and more importantly, executed that plan.  They had some really high finishes on a number of the workouts, and when it was all said and done, Team EGA finished in 5th place overall.  Strong work!

The highlight of the day for Team CFO was the Elfin Total.  Each team member got to do one lift for a 1-rep max.  Kamran did the squat, Justin did the clean, Kristy did the deadlift, and Rebekah did the strict press.  Three out of the four team members PR’d their lifts, and all them crushed it.  Kamran squatted 395 lbs, Justin cleaned 265 lbs, Kristy deadlifted 385 lbs, and Rebekah pressed 95 lbs.  Their effort was good for 8th place in the Elfin Total, and for the day, they finished in 11th place overall.  Way to get after it!

We also had a novice team competing, Team CrossFit Oakland, comprised of Tracy, Tanjeet, Sid, and Jason.  These guys laid it all on the line the whole day, fighting for every rep and pound they could get.  The highlight of the day for them was in the final workout, which had them doing a 4 x 500m all-out row (each member rowed 500m for time), while another team member did either toes-to-bar or chest-to-bar pull-ups.  The expressions on their faces during the row said it all:  they left nothing out there, competing as hard as possible, with legs and lungs burning.  When it was all said and done, they finished up in 20th place overall.  Great work by the scrappy CrossFit Oakland crew!

Finally, we had a masters (old guys and gals) team competing, CFO Masters.  This team was made up of Leka, Hilary, Brian C, and Mini.  The highlight of the day for this team was the very first workout, a sled pull followed by max pounds moved as a team with thrusters.  The sled pull was done relay style, and Hilary led off and gave us such a big lead that we cruised to the finish line, finishing way ahead of all the other teams.  This gave us lots of time to bang out a ton of thrusters.  When the workout was over, we had amassed over 1,000 pounds more than the next closest competitor, taking first place in the workout.  At the end of the day, after all the workouts were done, we managed to hold off all the other masters teams and ended up in 1st place overall.  Strong work by Leka, Hilary, and Brian C–they made my job easy!

Modesto Powerlifting Meet

Lance and Max competed in a powerlifting meet on Saturday, and simply put, they smashed it.

Lance took 2nd place overall in the 220-lb weight class and 1st place overall in the Masters division.  He hit PRs in all three of his lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) and in his total (sum of best squat, bench press, and deadlift).

His numbers:

Squat:  512 lbs
Bench Press:  303 lbs
Deadlift:  529 lbs

Max took 1st place overall in the 242-kb weight class and was awarded Best Lifter overall.  He was so strong that even though he didn’t hit any PRs, he still won everything.

His numbers:

Squat:  705 lbs
Bench Press:  325 lbs
Deadlift:  650 lbs

CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown

Last but not least, we had Chris competing in an individual competition, the CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown.  This was a tough competition and a great test for Chris, who’s very early into his competitive season.  The workouts looked pretty nasty.  The most impressive part of his day was that he was able to match his PR in the snatch (205 lbs) after rowing 2,000m in 7:37.  Either one of those is pretty ridiculous, but to do them both is quite the feat.  His snatch was good enough for 12th in that event (against a field of over 60 competitors!).  When it was all said and done, Chris finished in 31st place overall.  This is just the beginning for Chris; look for him to get after it in a month at the SacTown Throwdown with Team CFO!