Schedule This Week: Group Classes and Programming

Dec 23rd, 2013

Category: Emeryville

Schedule This Week: Group Classes and Programming


Sierra and Lance keeping it classy at the 2013 Holiday Party

Just a reminder about the holiday schedule, and a note on the programming schedule, for the coming week.

Here’s our group class schedule for this week:

Mon Dec 23rd:  Regular schedule at both locations
Tue Dec 24th: NO Open Gym or Evening Classes at either location
Wed Dec 25th:  Both locations CLOSED for the day
Thu Dec 26th:  Both locations running a weekend schedule – 8am, 9am and 10am classes only
Fri Dec 27th:  Regular schedule at both locations
Sat Dec 28th:  Regular weekend schedule at both locations
Sun Dec 29th:  Regular weekend schedule at Emeryille (Uptown closed)

Due to the gym closure on Wednesday (Christmas Day), we’re changing our programming schedule for the week.  Instead of the usual 3-on/1-off, 2-on/1-off, we’re doing a 2-on/1-off, 3-on/1-off this week (as well as the following week, for that matter).

So the programming schedule for this week will be as follows:

Mon:  WOD
Tue:  WOD
Wed:  Recovery Day (Gym Closed)
Thu:  WOD
Fri:  WOD
Sat:  WOD
Sun:  Recovery Day

We’ll be back to our normal schedule after the New Year.