Strength Program Update

Jan 31st, 2007

Strength Program Update

The strength Program has been plodding along for about 3 weeks now, with three weeks left to go.

The five of us, Carlo, Chad, Leo, Max and Sam have all gotten appreciably stronger, and, as expected a bit slower and heavier. Chad and I have done most of the workouts and have put on 3-4 lbs of muscle. I’ve gained a bit too much fat, which I’ll blame on my genetics (ahem *cheeseburger* ahem) Sam “The Hulk” Larson Has done ALL of the workouts and is up to 185 (from 176) at the beginning, most of that muscle. His temerity is inspiring.

It is somewhat hard to eat as much as is necessary to make these kinds of mass/strength gains, plus the feeling (and reality) of aerobic deconditioning is annoying, but once we are done with the strength phase and lean down without losing the additional muscle we are working so hard for we should, perhaps surprisingly, be able to generate increased Metabolic power. The reason is as follows: if strength is the limiting factor, say in fight gone bad, but we now have the increased strength to easily rep 75# for push-press, we will end up doing much more work in the same amount of time, also known as increased intensity. I think we are all looking forward to the relatively easy regular WODs!

We have been doing some advanced work this week (drop sets) and will move onto negatives and chains in the next few weeks. We will try and get some good tire flip pictures too!