Tamara Competing in American Open this Friday!

Nov 29th, 2012

Tamara Competing in American Open this Friday!


Annie, Tamara, and Joey at last month’s Veterans Day Open

Tomorrow Tamara flies down to Palm Springs so that she can compete in the American Open on Friday.  The American Open is one of this country’s two national Olympic weightlifting meets (the other being Nationals).  You have to qualify for this meet by virtue of having a high enough total (the sum of your best snatch and best clean-and-jerk), and this total has to have been achieved in a sanctioned weightlifting meet.  

In other words, Tamara is strong and will be competing with this country’s best!

Also, for those of you who know the lifters who compete for Max and Jo Ann, Sandra and Mike (MJ) will be competing this Friday as well.

Let’s wish these lifters luck and send them lots of CFO love!