Tier Testing This Week

Jul 24th, 2012

Tier Testing This Week


Candace climbing the rope at the CF Games

This week we’re doing tier testing, which will give you a chance to see what kind of progress you’re making and will give you a better idea about selecting the appropriate tier for your workouts.

There are 9 tests and they’ll all be done over the coming week.  The attached PDF gives you the metrics we use to assign tiers.  Not everyone will be in the same tier across the board on all tests; that’s okay.  This is simply one way of looking at and evaluating your own level of fitness.  If you have deficiencies in one area that lag way behind other areas, then it’s time to focus on those deficiencies.  Likewise, it’s good to know where your strengths are.

Take a look at the PDF so that you can know how the tiers are measured.