Tough Mudder Review

Oct 3rd, 2012

Tough Mudder Review


One 12 ft wall down, one to go… Up and over!

You’ve probably already heard that we Mudkillas had a blast this past Saturday at the Tough Mudder in Patterson.  Besides the official CFO team, several other of our members completed the course either in Patterson or Northstar in Tahoe.  If you are wondering if you should try next year, ask around for some feedback.  Here are my reasons why you should consider this and other fun events outside of CFO:

1.  It was fun.  Duh.  You can tell from the photo.  But seriously, it was pure fun from beginning to end. 

2.  Training and working as a team is different – in a great way. It made the experience so much better.  Of course the TM is designed to be a team-building event and they encourage camaraderie on many levels.  It’s a serious love-fest when you cross the finish line together.

3. Facing down your fears. The obstacles in this event are meant to make you feel anxious, so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment when you complete the course. If you have a secret fear of heights, confined spaces or being electrocuted – you get to test your power over these in a (relatively) safe environment.

4. Exposes weaknesses. Hill runs anyone?  Swimming lessons in my future for sure.

5. The team t-shirt is pure awesome. 

Team Mudkillas are all in for next year.  How about you?

If you can’t wait until next year, remember that the San Francisco Urbanathlon is coming up on November 18th.  If you do register for his race, email me first for a 10% off discount code, graciously provided by Tod V.