Wanna Go Longer…Go Faster

Apr 21st, 2008

Wanna Go Longer…Go Faster


A picture of Sara Hall, an aspiring US miler, from the NY Times

(Thanks to CFOer Carlo C for passing along this article.)

Interval training–a la CrossFit–got another nice piece of validation in the mainstream press in a recent article on US miler Sara Hall.

The gist: push the intensity levels high in your training no matter what your distance. In other words, results won’t come through settling into a comfortable pace.

The article is nice because it delves into mechanics, training, and recovery. We could lay this template over anything we do in CrossFit, whether it’s running, performing a back squat, or doing Helen.

I highly recommend reading the full article here.

Post to comments any insights or thoughts you have after reading the article.