When in Utah, Do GI Jane!

Apr 1st, 2008

When in Utah, Do GI Jane!

“Murph” by Connie M.

Our fellow CrossFitter and CFO Trainer Connie M, is currently stationed (on a secret mission) in Utah where it happens to be dumping snow! True to form, CM is making the most of an otherwise dreary hotel room with the help of her Door Gym and a little creativity. She has turned her current no-CF-gym-having experience into an opportunity to work bodyweight in as many (and there are hundreds) combinations as space and willingness will allow. Surely she will come back with some new tricks, say pistols? full handstand push-ups? Multiple L-Pull-ups?

You can check her out on her very own blog here:

Or, you can send her well wishes for continued bodyweight achievements to comments.