10/21/05 WOD

Oct 21st, 2005

10/21/05 WOD

5 rounds for time:
45-lb DB thruster, 15 reps
Rope climb, 3 ascents

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This WOD was posted initially on CrossFit about a week ago. I thought it looked like such a great workout that I decided to use it for today’s WOD at CFO.

A quick explanatory note for anyone reading the WODs: We have some people on the 5/2 schedule (5 days on, 2 days off), while others are on the 3/1 schedule (3 days on, 1 day off). Thus you may see several days in a row where a workout is posted. This is wholly due to the overlap that often occurs between the 5/2 schedule and the 3/1 schedule, and not due to the fact that we are espousing a workout schedule other than the 5/2 or 3/1.