Triple Crown WOD’s & other deets…

Oct 1st, 2018

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Triple Crown WOD’s & other deets…

Here are your workouts for Saturday’s Triple Crown!

REMINDER:  ALL 3 gyms will be closed for regular classes and will only be open during the designated Triple Crown WOD times (see below).

You can still form a Triple Crown team and participate.  Make sure to email us so we can get you in a heat.  Unfortunately, you cannot order a shirt at this time as the order had to go in ahead of time.

Potluck BBQ to follow the final workout at EGA.  Bring something for the grill and some sides to share.  We will have drinks for you!

Email us with any questions.

WOD #1 starts at 9am – CFO (1313 67th Street, Emeryville)

Workout 1:
7-Minute AMRAP:
Max prowler trips w/ 55# on the handles for men, 45# for mixed teams, and 35# for women for 40m (20m down, 20m back).  Must stay in fixed order.  Rotate each 40m trip.  Cannot help teammate complete the 40m trip.  Same as 2016 but 10# heavier for each group.

Rest 3 Minutes

Workout 2

8-Minute AMRAP:
60 Power Cleans
60 Bar-Facing Burpees
Power Cleans:
Male 95#
Mixed (Any Combo) 75#
Female 65#

Only one person working at a time.  Must stay in fixed rotation.  Each person does a set of 20 while the other two rest (e.g., Person 1 does 20 power cleans, Person 2 does 20 power cleans, Person 3 does 20 power cleans, Person 1 does 20 bar-facing burpees, etc.).

WOD #2 starts at 12pm – CFO Uptown (310 41st Street, Oakland)

Max reps in 5 minutes:
Rope Climb (scaled = rope rows: 5 rows = 1 rope climb)
Wall Ball
Assault Bike Cals

Switch station each minute

If one person scales rope climbs, the entire team scales

WOD #3 starts at 3pm – EGA (4703 Tidewater Ave, Suite G, Oakland)

1 mile run w/ wallball 20/14
2.3 mile run
3.1 mile run (66th)
*assign an athlete to a distance.
*2 and 3 mile runners will be connected by a band until the 2 mile mark
*score is the sum of the times from each leg
*one heat
*assign an athlete to a distance.
*score is the is the sum of the times from each leg
*one heat