8-Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge! Kick off THIS Sunday 1/6 @ 11am (Uptown)

Jan 3rd, 2019

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8-Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge! Kick off THIS Sunday 1/6 @ 11am (Uptown)

Ready to reset or create new healthy habits for the New Year? Come on down to Uptown on Sunday at 11am 1/6 for all the details.

We will be presenting some basic nutrition and lifestyle guidelines that we believe will improve your performance in the gym and overall quality of life. We will then outline a point system so that we can track your progress and also determine some cash prizes! Yes, you can actually win money!

There will be daily points collected as well as a ‘before/after’ body fat test and performance test.

What do you need to bring?

$25 Cash to sign up

IF you think you want to participate, we will be there with the body fat tester (thanks Shannon S!). In order to get the best reading, please adhere to the following:

  1. No eating or drinking within 4 hours of the test
  2. No exercise within 12 hours of the test
  3. No alcohol consumption in the previous 48 hours

We will provide you with all the details regarding the point system as well as a way to track them, tips, tricks, community, coach support, etc. at the kick-off.

If you absolutely cannot make it, we will be publishing the information later in the day. YOU will be required to set up your body fat test when our tester is available on Monday.

Challenge runs for 8 weeks January 7th – March 3rd. In addition to the kick off on Sunday, we will be hosting a mid-week check in on Sunday Feb 3rd and a final celebratory potluck on Sunday March 3rd. Challenge is open to all members of CFO, Uptown and EGA, although EGA is running a separate challenge, so check with your coach!

Hope to see you all on Sunday! Cheers to healthy habits!