Another Great FGB Experience

Sep 26th, 2010

Another Great FGB Experience


Joey contemplating her existence following Fight Gone Bad

Thanks to everyone who came out today and laid it all out there on the gym floor for our annual Fight Gone Bad experience.  For the first-timers, I’m sure you’ll never forget your first Fight Gone Bad experience.  And for those of you who keep coming back for more, even when you know how much it will hurt, you have my utmost respect.

Until next year!

Track Workout at Piedmont High Canceled for Sunday, September 26

We had initially batted around the idea of holding a track workout tomorrow, but since Saturday was the third day in our workout cycle, and since many of you dug deep into the well during FGB, we’re going to stick with the traditional rest day after three days in a row of workouts.  Feel free to come into the gym and make up any missed workouts or work those skills and weaknesses.

We’ll hold a track workout in the very near future up at Piedmont High.  And if you really had your heart set on doing a track workout on Sunday, do the following: 

3 — All-Out 300m sprints w/ 5 minutes of rest in between
3 — 200m sprints with a walking recovery of 200m (sprint 200m, walk 200m, sprint 200m, walk 200m, etc.)
6 — 50m sprints with a very slow walking recovery