CFO Intramural Standings: Week 1

Mar 5th, 2015

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CFO Intramural Standings: Week 1



The week 1 results of our Intramural competition are finally here.

Any kind of detail you want to see regarding how the points were scored and assigned are in the attached PDF document (see below).

Long story short, here are the current team standings, from first to last, with point totals:

Wall Balls Deep:  1482
Fallen:  1449
World Beaters:  1447
Team America:  1391

Every little point from here on out is gonna matter.  The spirit and costume points are critical!  Each of the teams has 25 people per team, so if each person wears the team uniform and just shows up on Saturday (just to cheer, you don’t even have to do the workout), that’s 100 points for your team.

A few notes on the PDF document and what each column means:

Raw Score:  This is pulled directly from the Games site and ranks everyone from each of the three gyms based on their performance in the Open workout. It’s a head-to-head ranking.

Performance Points:  Based on your raw score, you’ll get Intramural points assigned for where you rank.  There were 102 people who did the Open in the first week.  The first place finish gets 102 points, next best gets 101 points, etc.  In the case of a tie, both athletes get the higher point total.  We had that happen this week for first place.  We had two athletes tie for 1st (Colin and Mike M).  They each got 102 points for their performance.  Next in line was Will H.  He got 100 points (not 101 points) because he was in the third slot.  All ties were handled in this fashion.

Spirit:  You get two points if you are there on Saturday.

Costume:  You get two points if you wear your team uniform.

Rx’d vs. Scaled:  You get two points for doing the workout Rx’d; you get one point for doing the workout Scaled.

Total Points:  That’s the sum of performance, spirit, costume, and Rx’d/Scaled points.

Here’s the PDF, if you want to see the details behind the team scores:

CFO Open Intramurals – Master Scoring