Coach Evil’s Track Workouts are BACK! On Sundays at 10am starting Feb 1st

Jan 29th, 2015

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Coach Evil’s Track Workouts are BACK! On Sundays at 10am starting Feb 1st


AND WE’RE BACK! Announcing the return of our weekly CFO Endurance Track WODs starting next Sunday with our resident running & endurance coach Aaron Castillo (aka “Coach Evil”). Join us at Piedmont High School track every Sunday morning at 10am. Open to all CFO/Uptown and EGA members – including spouses and kids (10+), as well as community members and friends who you think might enjoy these sessions.

Start Date: Sunday, February 1st @ 10am
Location: Piedmont High School track (Better to google the address for Wildwood Elementary @ 301 Wildwood Ave., Piedmont CA 94611 which gets you closer to the track and free street parking)
Rates: Single day drop-ins – $10
Prepaid monthly rate – $35 charged at the beginning of each month
It’s pay-as-you-go and accept cash or credit card on site
Program Info: We generally meet every week from January – October. Each workout last an hour to 1:15 and includes warm-ups, cool-down and a strength component. Each workout is posted by Saturday afternoon on the CFO Endurance Facebook page – please visit and LIKE this page to see past workout descriptions, images, results and other valuable information. Finally, please note the change in day from Saturdays to Sundays.
Contact: Aaron Castillo, CrossFit Endurance certified
On Facebook @ CFO Endurance and Aaron Castillo (send friend request)
On Instagram @ Coach_Evil

The benefits of supplementing CrossFit with interval-based track workouts helps build added endurance (increased VO2 max capacity), speed, power and strength to your current training program. Not to mention improving your running form using better, more efficient technique. Whether you’re a seasoned CF’er, an endurance athlete (triathlete, road racer or cyclist) or a weekend warrior, everyone will gain with consistent attendance regardless of current fitness level. And just like with CrossFit, our track workouts can be scaled or modified to fit every participant.

So, come out and join the fun…especially this 1st introduction session when we’ll review proper running technique and applying it in your first track workout of 2015. We look forward to seeing you on the track!