Femme Fit Recap via Coach Arnold…

Aug 12th, 2013

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Femme Fit Recap via Coach Arnold…

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To all the women of Femme Fit 2013, you know we are so very proud of you at CFO.  Coach Arnold was instrumental in the training of not only the women of CFO, but also other badass women athletes  from around the Bay Area.  Here is a recap of the day from the man himself…

“We had 10 women represent CFO at Femmefit on Saturday.  It was a long and grueling day with 5 workouts that pushed these ladies to their limits.  

The day began with a 3.5 mile trail run.  Not only did the competitors have to deal with the rugged terrain but they also had a run in with a swarm of angry bees.  No woman was able to escape un-stung, some with came in with over 30 stings.  

Event 2 was the Olympic Total.  To no surprise, this was CFO’s strongest event with Michelle and Tamara taking 2nd and 3rd overall for this event.  There were multiple PRs to go around which was quite impressive after all that running.  

Event 3 was a dreadful thruster/box jump/thruster workout which left everybody flat on their backs wondering what just happened. It was great to see all our women moving beautifully with the barbell and leaving everything out there.

Athletes had to pick themselves up off the ground, shake those legs out and prepare for event 4, the 100 meter dash tournament.  It was a fast paced and exciting event, and we had a few athletes make it into the semi-final heats.  

Last but not least came the sandbag/burpee/run workout.  This last workout would take everything they had left in their legs to finish.  100 pound sandbag carries, burpees and then a 400m sprint to end the day.  Everyone toughed it out and finished strong. Props to Katie for winning her heat in dominating fashion with her glam glasses  and everything.  

Overall, it was a great day of competition and our ladies did us proud out there.  Thanks to all those who came out and supported our athletes.  Final results can be found at http://thefemmefit.blogspot.com/ . “
Again, a heartfelt congrats to all of your amazing ladies and your awesome coach.  Final results can be found here.  We could not be more proud.  Special thanks to Beth for hauling the tent and other stuff to and from the event and to all of the spectators who took time out to cheer on these amazing ladies. There has always been something very special about that green Jameson tent… Looking forward to next year!