FGB Heat Schedule to Be Published on Friday

Nov 5th, 2014

Category: Community

FGB Heat Schedule to Be Published on Friday


Blaire’s excited about Fight Gone Bad, no doubt

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be running Fight Gone Bad! (FGB) this Saturday at Uptown.  Our Emeryville and EGA locations will be closed, so that we can get as many of you in the same building as possible.  Going through FGB requires lots of energy, and having crowd support there for you can do wonders for your ability to get another rep (and another, and another…).

We’ll be posting the heat schedule for FGB on the blog here on Friday.  If you haven’t yet indicated a preference for heat time, and would like to do so, email us.  So far, it’s looking like we’re going to be able to accommodate everyone who’s emailed us.

First heat goes off at 8:15am; we’ll open the doors to Uptown at 7:30am.  Can’t wait to get everyone into the mix on Saturday (myself included)!