Fun Event: Athletic Playground 2-Year Anniversary

Sep 28th, 2010

Fun Event: Athletic Playground 2-Year Anniversary


I received and email from Shira Yaziv today, owner of the Athletic Playground, which is a cool little box right up the street from us on 4770 San Pablo Ave.  For those of you who go back with us a ways, you’ll remember that Shira spent a brief time with us working as a trainer.  She and David (the other owner at Athletic Playground) have a really cool thing going on at AP, which borrows from a lot of gymnastic- and acrobatic-oriented disciplines.

Anyway, AP is celebrating their 2-year anniversary this weekend, Oct 1-3, and there will be lots of interesting demonstrations and classes going on.  I’ll definitely be by to check it out.

For more info on the weekend and what they have planned, go to their website: