Getting to know your coach – Brendan!

Oct 20th, 2014

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Getting to know your coach – Brendan!



You may have noticed we have a few new faces in front of you in group classes and open gym.  As we expand our operations, we have expanded our roster of awesome coaches.  This post is the first of a series to introduce them and help you to get to know them a little better.

Each interested coach must complete an intern process of orientation, shadowing and assisting with current CFO coaches before being invited to join the staff.  We are really thrilled with our new crop of rookies and invite you to encourage and support them as they learn and grow with us.

Brendan was kind enough to be our first victim/candidate for this series of posts.  I sat down and asked him a few questions.  I’m sure he’d be happy to answer any additional questions you all have and you can always peruse the bio section on our website for more.

Q: What is your athletic background?

A:  Brendan played Little League baseball from the age of 5, football and tennis after that and High School rugby.  He is currently pursuing Olympic Weightlifting as his primary sport.

Q: What is your hometown?

A:  Brendan was born and raised in Corte Madera, CA in Marin County.

Q: How did you get involved in CrossFit?

A: Brendan was tired of the globo gym scene and was walking by a gym that played loud music while members repeatedly dropped weights and he was hooked.  He appreciated that the program is performance-focused and not aesthetics-focused.

Q: What are your future goals/dreams?

A: Brendan wants to eventually own and operate his own CrossFit box.  He will continue to pursue a career as a nationally competitive weightlifter.

Q: What have you learned so far at CFO?

A: Brendan feels that CFO is a gym that is more than just its equipment.  He feels that CFO fosters a good, supportive and inclusive community.

Thanks again to Brendan for sitting down with me.  As I am getting to know Brendan, I see an ‘old soul’ who is extremely mature and self-possessed for his age.  He is quite knowledgable and seems to have a special affinity for all things mobility.  Looking forward to seeing all that lies ahead for Brendan and am very happy he has chosen to coach at CFO.