Intramural Results Through Workout 16.3

Mar 20th, 2016

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Intramural Results Through Workout 16.3

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We won’t know the results for 16.4 until the leaderboard gets locked tomorrow night (don’t forget to submit your scores for 16.4!).  In the meantime, here are the standings for the our Intramural competition through Workout 16.3:

Let’s Get Physical:  4,860
300 Club:  4,614
WODing Dead:  4,351
WOD Warriors:  4,123

There’s been quite a bit of separation thus far.  It’s turned into a battle for 1st and 2nd at one end, and for 3rd and 4th at the other end.  With one week to go, it will be interesting to see how these races play out!