Is CrossFit a Sport?

Jul 22nd, 2010

Is CrossFit a Sport?

team cfo.jpg

Team CFO in the heat of competition

The 2010 CrossFit Games were just held at a major sports center in LA.  There were athletes, sponsors, a scoring system, even commentators and media coverage, not to mention a serious competitive spirit which permeated the entire 3-day event.

Given these facts, I would tend to argue that yes, it is a sport.  But is it a sport for you?  Do you come to CFO to compete or do you come for some other reason?  Maybe to stay fit, lose weight, get strong, rehab an injury, breathe chalk and listen to bad ’80s metal? 

I am guessing that the majority of us regular folk do not perceive CrossFit as a sport.  But maybe it would be fun to go there? You might not be ready to quit your job and train full time to go to the 2011 CrossFit Games and let’s face it, not all of us are going to be able to join Team CFO, but there are certainly other options for competing at the ‘sport of fitness"  We really do it every day if you think about it.  We compete against ourselves – checking our books for that last back squat number or Helen time and we compete against one another – we all see those names and number on the board next to ours.

But what else?  How about some smaller competitions?  More local and accessible to all levels of fitness?  We’ve done it before in the form of Bay Area "Throwdowns" and other gyms in the area have held some pretty fun events too, such as a "Fran-Off" and "Bad Girls Don’t Cry".  Have you competed in any of these?  What did you think?  Any ideas for a competition hosted by CFO?

Post to comments your thoughts on CrossFit as a competitive sport and what that should look like for you.

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  1. Justin McNulty July 23, 2010 at 4:28 am

    What is listed on the bottom of Sports tested? GAMES not sports! Golf, billiards, and curling are games because they may take skill, but they do not require any kind of fitness. You may be able to hit a great golf shot, or bowl a mean ball but does that make you an athlete? That same person may fall over and die if they had to run 100 feet to stop the beer cart on the golf course. I think that a sport neededs to have some sort of Cardio involved in it. I have never been out breath playing golf, pool, or bowling. The top 10 sports listed all required that you have a good level of cardio fitness, and even the geeks numbers support this. Crossfit is a sport because it is impossible to do at a high level while drinking beer and eating peanuts. Wait that is my next throwdown WOD idea:)