New Thursday Programming!

Jun 18th, 2019

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New Thursday Programming!

We’re changing the way we program our Thursdays.  The goal is to add structured and fun “recovery” work into the week. Many folks know that working hard is important to progress, but so is recovery, and properly structured recovery at that.

If you normally make up a day from earlier in the week on Thursdays, work with your coach and they’ll lead you through some options to make up certain pieces while staying within the programming format, or just try the programming as is and see how it goes–you’ll more than likely come away feeling like you got everything you needed

Coach Ben will be programming the Thursday workout each week, and with that in mind, read his thoughts below on the Thursday programming upgrade.

From Coach Ben:
Want a way to develop your skills? – Yes!
Want a way to reboot from the workouts earlier in the week? – Yes!
Want to be ready to Crush the workouts or fun things planned for the weekend? – Yes!
Want to sweat and have some fun with Friends? – Yes!
Want to try some unconventional or different movements? – Yes!
Want direction and coaching for the things that challenge you in the gym? – Yes!
Want some exercises and stretches prehab or rehab any of those extra sore places or joints that seem to always bother you? – Yes!

Then come to CFO Thursdays!

We are adding specific programming and coach-led classes to our regular Thursday schedule. We have loved our recovery-themed and/or makeup Thursdays. We decided we wanted to give you more. Yes, it will still be CrossFit. Yes, you will still break a sweat and have a great time. The programming will be focused on developing new skills while also priming and recovering your body from the other workouts in the week. There will be programming provided and led by a coach.

Worried you won’t be able to make up a workout from earlier in the week? Don’t be worried! These workouts will have you covered. And if you want you can take the intensity up just a little to make up for missing earlier in the week. As always, there will be scaling options and different ways to get the best workout for you. The workouts will also include different drills/exercises to help you develop better movement patterns. These drills can range from improving the bottom of your squat position or not “chicken winging” those muscle-ups. Also, at times we will work developing that dreaded aerobic capacity, but in fun ways. Every Thursday will be different but also correlate and not interfere with the other movements in the week. No more worrying about doing 100s of squats on back-to-back days. So be excited and come to try our new style of Thursday class.  

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to ask your coach before or after class, shoot us an email at, or talk to Coach Ben since he always seems to be at the gym, anyway.