Nutrition Consultation

What you eat is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. No matter what your goals are – lose fat, gain muscle, look good naked (or all of the above!)—addressing your nutrition can help you achieve those goals. But WHAT do you eat? “Good nutrition” is something that many people find elusive due to new fads, false advertising, and conflicting ideas of what a “good diet” truly is. A nutrition consult can elevate your understanding of what your body needs and navigate the good from the bad to help you reach your goals. Consultations will be tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle and give you the coaching and support you need.

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***During Shelter in place all sessions will be ONLINE via Zoom. Set up a session today!!  Email: with some days/times you are available.***

The Once Over ($150)
Designed for someone who feels like he or she is on the right track and just needs a few tweaks/nudge in the right direction. Good if you are self-motivated!
The Once Over includes:
Initial 15 minute consultation
Two 30-minute follow-up consultations (via email/phone/face time/skype/in person) at 2-3 week intervals.
This package is to be used in 6-8 weeks
Follow up consults can be added to package

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The Program ($375)
This is designed for someone who would benefit from continuing support throughout a three month program. If further support is needed, then we can discuss what sort of follow up program would be most beneficial for you. The Program includes:
Initial 15-minute consultation
Nutritional assessment (1 hr.)
Two 30-minute follow-up consultations per month (via email/phone/face time/skype/in person)
Weekly optional phone/email support
Help with meal plans, recipes, cooking tips and more
Support and follow up continues through 3 months of start date

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Please note: Space for both of these programs IS limited, grab your spot and let’s get ready for 2017!

Michelle Maehler earned her BA in Communication with a minor in Exercise and Health Sciences from UCSB and later received her Masters of Science in Exercise Science from UC Davis. She is an L-1 certified Crossfit Trainer and a competitor at heart. She loves working with people and seeing and sharing in their successes. Her passion for efficiency is borne out of her secret indolence (shhh!). This juxtaposition of working tirelessly to improve by that one percent to ultimately work a little less has proved difficult to find more time on the couch. She believes that nutrition is the key to optimal health and performance for anyone and everyone that moves – from weekend warrior to high level athlete. Equally important to her is striking a balance among all the directions that life pulls us and finding space for what she calls “soul macros”.