Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge Winners!

Mar 6th, 2019

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Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge Winners!

For each category we have assigned the following prizes:

1st Place: $300 cash

2nd Place: $50 cash

3rd Place: CFO T-Shirt of your choice

Daily Points

1) Ellie A at 645 total points

2) Norah M at 575 total points

3) Sherrill L at 567 total points

Body Fat % Improvement

1) Mary L at – 14.71 change (lost 5% body fat)

2) Sherrill L at -13.74 change (lost 4.3% body fat)

3) Arun A at – 12.37 change (lost 3.6 % body fat)

Pull-Up Test Improvement

1) Jayne S at 100% increase w/ Strict Pull-ups

2) Dianne M a 100% increase w/ banded Pull-ups

3) Jessie S a 80% increase w/ banded Pull-ups

Most of these placements were VERY close. You all put in so much work and should be very proud of yourselves . We are proud of you for sure!

Please email us and let us know when/where you would like to collect your prizes. If you won a t-shirt, it can be a current or future model.