Open WOD 15.1 goes down tomorrow @ CFO!!

Feb 27th, 2015

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Open WOD 15.1 goes down tomorrow @ CFO!!

CrossFit Oakland Triple Crown 2014

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be running officially judged heats at CFO starting around 10.  Our intramural teams will make their debut as well and start accumulating points.

Here are some items to keep in mind:

1.  Tomorrow at 10am is the day where we will be officially counting reps and signing off on them so we can validate them in the CF Games system.   We will be holding classes at 8am and 9am at CFO and at Uptown if you would like to do the WOD but are not officially registered and do not need a judge.  Starting next week we will only be holding group classes at the gym that is hosting the Open WOD that Saturday (we are going to try to rotate through all 3 gyms).

2.  If you are registered for Team CFO, CFO Uptown or EGA in the CF Games system, you will be placed in a heat for tomorrow.  If you cannot make it, please let us know.  If you are planning to do the WOD at another time/date/place, it is your responsibility to find a judge to count your reps and make sure that we get your signed score sheet so we can validate your score in the system.  See below for attached heats.

3.  Really try to be there if you can possibly make it. Your intramural team is counting on you.  You will need to be present at least a few minutes prior to your scheduled heat to perform the WOD and also for your assigned heat to judge.  We don’t have enough coaches to judge everyone.

4.  Come in costume and arrive at CFO by 10am at the latest – make sure you have coordinated with your team.  Spirit and participation trump performance in the Intramural world

Here is a reminder about the Intramural Scoring system:

Performance:  Points awarded for relative performance.  Top performer over all 4 teams will have the highest score and on down the line.

Participation:  2 points for doing the WOD Rx’d and 1 point for doing the WOD scaled

Team Spirit: 2 points if you are there are Saturday when the heats are running – whether you are working out, judging or just cheering

Costume: 2 points if you are wearing your team costume

Heat Schedule: