Register for the Open Now!

Feb 4th, 2016

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Register for the Open Now!

*** DEADLINE TO REGISTER for Intramurals: THIS FRIDAY FEB 12th ***


It’s that special time of the year, everybody…Open time!

The Open is our chance to take part in a worldwide, participatory CrossFit competition, and best of all, we get to do it in our own gym.  The Open will run for five weeks, with one workout a week being done on Saturdays (there will be other times to do the workouts, too, in case you can’t make it on Saturday).  We get to come together as a giant group and do the type of workouts that nobody forgets.  It’s a total blast!  Nothing beats doing the Open workouts with all your fellow gym-mates.  And best of all, the workouts are approachable no matter where you are in terms of fitness level (the workouts can be scaled/modified).

*** DEADLINE TO REGISTER for Intramurals: THIS FRIDAY FEB 12th ***

Just like last year, we’ll also be doing intramural teams for the Open.  Arnold, Tamara, Robyn, and I will all be drafting folks from within the gym to be a part of our Open teams.  If you were a part of this last year, you know how much fun the team entrances were (remember the firecrackers, or the arrows?).  But in order to be a part of all of this, you must register for the Open.

To register for the Open, go to the CrossFit Games site here:

Once on the site, click on the red “Register” button on the upper right-hand side of the page.  It costs $20 to sign up for the Open.  When it comes time to select the gym where you train, select the following:

If you train at EGA primarily, select “EndGame Athletics” as your team.

If you train at Uptown primarily, select “CrossFit Oakland Uptown” as your team.

If you train at Emeryville primarily, select “Team CFO” as your team.

We’ll be drafting folks from the rosters of those three teams, so if you haven’t registered on the Games site, your name won’t be on the draft list.  So get to it!

And if you have any questions about registering or the Open process, talk to Arnold, Tamara, Robyn, or me and we can help you out.  You can always email us with questions as well.

Most of all, though, just register already!  Especially if you’re on the fence, just know that you can do this and that you won’t regret it at all.  There will be lots of others in the same boat as you.  You can do it.