Roman Who?

Sep 2nd, 2007

Roman Who?


Czech Decathlete Roman Sebrle

Continuing with the track and field theme Franklin initiated with his post from last week on American sprinter Tyson Gay, I thought I’d spotlight one of the best all-around athletes in the world whom most Americans are likely completely unaware of.

His name is Roman Sebrle, from the Czech Republic. He’s a decathlete and holds the distinction of being the current Olympic champion, the current World Championships champion (having just snagged the gold in Osaka this past week), and the world record holder in the event. In fact, with his world record mark of 9,026 points, he’s the only decathlete in the history of the sport to score over 9,000 points.

The decathlon takes place over two consecutive days, five events on the first day and five events on the second day.

Day 1 Events:
* 100m sprint
* Long jump
* Shot put
* High jump
* 400m run

Day 2 Events:
* 110m hurdles
* Discus
* Pole vault
* Javelin
* 1500m run

Talk about a nice mix of speed, power, endurance, and technical skill.

But perhaps you think the decathlon is lacking in some way as a test of all-around athleticism. If so, post the events you’d have contested in the decathlon to comments.