Saturday Schedule for Group Classes and Open Workout 16.5!

Mar 25th, 2016

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Saturday Schedule for Group Classes and Open Workout 16.5!

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I can’t believe it’s already here, but our final Open workout is this Saturday!  We have 8am and 9am group classes at all three locations (Emeryville, Uptown, and EGA).  And then at 10am, we get started with the Open!

Emeryville is hosting Open Workout 16.5 on Saturday.  The first heat of Open Workout 16.5 goes off at 10:20am, and we’ll be running heats every 30 minutes.  Besides looking to see what time you’ll be going, make sure you check the judges schedule as well, since everyone who does the workout will also have to be a judge for someone else.  One other note on the heat schedule:  We spread the heats around over the course of the Open.  So don’t despair, if you’re in one of the later heats this week, you’ll be in one of the earlier ones next week.  Each week we’ll rotate the heats to keep it fair and square for those with time commitments on the weekends.

Team entrances start at 10am sharp!

Here’s the heat schedule.  And remember if you don’t see your name on the schedule, or if it’s on there and you can’t make it tomorrow, let us know.

Heat Schedule for Open Workout 16.5