Strong Showing By CFO Masters Teams!

Sep 29th, 2013

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Strong Showing By CFO Masters Teams!


Steve, Sherrill, Leka, and Mini

As we wrote about yesterday, we sent two teams from CFO to compete in the Masters Madness competition, which took place at Diablo CrossFit.  It was a great competition, with a real emphasis on teamwork and was an extremely balanced and fair test of strength, skill, and conditioning.

There were two age divisions for this competition, which was for Masters (the older folks) athletes only:  The 40-47 division and the 48+ division.

Steve and Sherrill

Steve and Sherrill competed in the 48+ division and tore it up.  In seven separately scored events, they never finished below 3rd place–talk about consistency!  Although they had good performances across the board, their best performance was probably their first workout, which was really 3 separate events done back-to-back-to-back.  They were tested in limit strength (3-rep max axel deadlift), general conditioning (a tough 10-minute metcon involving rowing, double-unders, burpees, and toes-to-bar), and then on a classic endurance piece (an unknown distance run, which ended up being around a mile or so).  They finished 3rd in each of those pieces, showing some well-rounded fitness.

When it was all said and done, Steve and Sherrill ended up taking a podium spot, finishing in–you guessed it–3rd place overall.  Strong work, Steve and Sherrill!

Leka and Mini

Leka and I competed in the 40-47 division against some tough competition.  Our best performance was in the run, surprisingly enough.  We took 3rd place overall in that event.  This was a real struggle for me; I was barely able to get my breathing under control and was gasping for air about 30 seconds in.  Leka had an easy run, on the other hand, practically dragging me along (the partners had to run together by holding onto opposite ends of a 6-ft rope; if one person dropped the rope, or separated from their teammate for whatever reason, there was a 10-burpee penalty).  We also did very well in the axel deadlift 3-rep max test, coming in 6th overall.  I feel like we left a lot on the table on this one, and really should’ve finished in the top 3 in this event.  We both had less-than-stellar warm-ups (I missed several attempts during the warm-up, with the bar slipping out of my hands repeatedly).  As a result, I think we were both a little conservative with our openers and our second attempts (we only took two attempts each in the time allotted to find our 3-rep max).  Oh well, lessons learned.

In the end, we finished in 6th place overall.  Top 10 is always good, so we were satisfied, but left wanting more.  If not for the conservative deadlifts and my mishaps on the weighted pull-ups (I underperformed on the weighted pull-up test–the dang dumbbell kept sliding off my legs), we had a real shot at top 5.


Overall, this was a great experience for both teams, and all four of us had a blast!  Steve and Sherrill also set the bar high, giving CFO its best finish in local competitions post-Games.

Also, a big thank-you to Steve D (the other Steve) for coming out and not only cheering us on, but taking several pictures and videos throughout the day.

Can’t wait for the next one!