The CFO Intramural Open is a Wrap!

Nov 12th, 2019

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The CFO Intramural Open is a Wrap!

20.5 brought back more high-skill gymnastics. This time it was the tried-and-true ring muscle-up. But that’s not the big story. We had a ton of first-time Rx’d scores on wall balls, which was so inspiring to see. That’s the real story and what it’s really about! All of you really got after that nasty combination of rowing and wall balls (got legs and lungs, anyone?).

The final tally for the CFO Intramural Open is Team Benny 174, Team Mini 154. That’s right, Team Benny increased their 15-point lead after 20.4 to capture the CFO Intramural Open with a dominant 20-point victory over the course of the 5 weeks of the Open. Congrats, Team Benny!

As a side note, 18 of those 20 points (in Team Benny’s margin of victory) came from showing up on Friday and wearing a costume. Put another way, performance only resulted in a 2-point edge. And put one other way (yes, we like numbers here at CFO), 90% of the edge in points came from participation, while only 10% of the edge in points came from performance. File that one away for next year!

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the details behind the scoring:

Team Benny
Team Mini

Can’t wait until next year! Strong work by all!