The Intramural Open Coming to CFO!

Feb 10th, 2015

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The Intramural Open Coming to CFO!

CrossFit Oakland Triple Crown 2014


We look forward to the Open every year.  We get to test ourselves for 5 consecutive Saturdays with some of the toughest workouts CrossFit HQ throws our way.  This year, on the heels of the success of the Triple Crown, we’ve decided to take the CFO Open experience to another level:  The Intramural Open!

This is a brand new concept for the Open and all three locations will be involved: Emeryville, Uptown, and EGA.  We will still be holding our Saturday Open WODs so you can get your score officially judged and validated for the CF Games Open Leaderboard.

In addition, though, we are planning to hold our own Intramural competition with 4 teams drafted from our 3 locations.  Remember the Triple Crown?  Let’s take all that fun and friendly competition and apply it to our Open WODs.  Basically, we’re adding an in-house element to this worldwide competition.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Here’s what it will look like.  When you register for the Open you will be entered into a blind draft for our 4 Intramural Teams.  Please register THIS week so that we have a complete list with which to draft on Friday.

The draft will be held at a secret location THIS Friday the 13th of February.  The teams will be made up of members of all 3 gyms and will be balanced per skill level, age, etc.

Each team will have a captain (Mike, Arnold, Tamara, or Robyn).  The captain will be your organizer and facilitator, but you will make it what you want.

At the end of the Open prizes will be awarded for 1) participation, 2) spirit and 3) performance.

Here are some questions we have anticipated.  Please feel free to email us or ask any coach if you have additional questions.

Do I have to do all the WODs?  

What if I can’t do some of the movements?  It doesn’t matter.  Sign up and complete the WODs you can.  And don’t forget, there is a scaled division this year.  Your points will be added to the team total.  If you can’t complete a WOD, that is OK!  All of your efforts will be a contribution to your team.

What if I can’t make a Saturday Open workout?

You can still complete the WOD.  You will need to arrange for a judge/coach to be there to validate your score.  Remember you need to enter your score by Monday each week for it to count on our Leaderboard.

How do you win the ‘spirit’ prize?

The sky’s the limit.  Your team will need a name for sure.  After that, you can choose a theme, costumes, cheers, etc. to show your spirit.

What will I get as a team member?  

Your team captain will keep you informed of tips and strategies for getting the best score you can on each WOD.  You will also get to tap into the spirit of competition.  I am sure we are all going to make it to Regionals, but just in case… here is our chance to leave it all out on the floor and kick some tail in an attempt to help our team out!

I’m IN!  What do I need to do??  

Register for the Open!  Sign up for the team of the gym you most often frequent, whether it is CFO, Uptown or EGA (If you go to our Emeryville location most, register for Team CFO; if you go to our Uptown location the most, register for CrossFit Oakland Uptown; if you go to our EGA location the most, register for Endgame Athletics).  This will put you on the list for the draft.  We will send out the team lists by the end of the weekend.

After the team lists are published, we’ll be holding an impromptu meet-and-greet on Saturday February 21st at 11am at our Emeryville location, so that you can get a chance to meet your teammates and so that we can answer any questions you might have about the Open in general and about the Intramural competition in particular.  Stay tuned!  And get registered already!