The Open is Nigh!

Feb 10th, 2014

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The Open is Nigh!


Sarah, Beth, and a bunch of others during the Open last year

The Open

It’s that time of year, everyone:  Open time!

The Open is the first leg of the CrossFit Games.  And it’s a total blast.  Like last year, the Open takes place over 5 weeks, with one workout being released each week.  Also like last year, we’ll be running everyone through heats on Saturdays.  The Saturday heats are the biggest draw to participating in the Open.  Everyone who has participated in the past loves these Saturday sessions.  The energy is extremely high, the workouts are challenging but scalable for every level of fitness, and the crowd support is amazing!

Regarding the workouts of the Open, a lot of people initially have doubts.  But just going through the process removes all those doubts.  We’ve had many PRs and personal breakthroughs happen during the Open.  We’ve had women snatch 55 lbs for the first time ever.  We’ve had men put 115 lbs overhead for the first time ever.  We’ve had people get their first-ever toes-to-bar.  We’ve had people jump on a box they didn’t think they could get up on.  We’ve had so many other examples like this.  I can’t encourage you enough to participate in the Open.  It’s rewarding on so many levels.

For those of you new to this Open thing, or those of you on the fence, here’s a nice article about a woman and her first experience in the Open last year:  It’s All Relative

Even easier, you can simply ask one of your coaches or fellow members who’ve done the Open in the past.  They’ll let you know what a great experience it is!

To Register

The Open costs $20 to participate.  With that $20, you’ll get 5 workouts, one each Saturday for 5 weeks.  And you’ll get to do the workouts in the friendly confines of CFO with a whole lot of other CFOers at the same time.

If you primarily train at our Emeryville location, you’ll need to register and join Team CFO.

If you primarily train at our Uptown location, you’ll need to register and join Team CrossFit Oakland Uptown.

You can go to either of the Team pages above and click on the link to register from there.  Make sure you select the correct team at the end of the registration process.  If you have any questions about the Open, send us an email.