Updated Open Intramural Rosters!

Feb 20th, 2015

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Updated Open Intramural Rosters!



Since the publication of our initial blog post on the Open Intramural rosters, we’ve had 20 more people step up and register!  That is so exciting!  I’m so happy that so many of you will be participating in the Open this year (that brings the total up to 92 people, for those of you keeping track at home).  This is going to be our biggest and best Open ever!

Let’s cut right to the chase.  Below are the updated rosters, with the team captain listed first.  As always, if you don’t see your name on the list, and you registered to compete in the Open on the CrossFit Games site, email us and we will add you to a team posthaste.

And thank you to all who came by to the meet-and-greet earlier this evening.  We’ll get a blog post up within the next couple of days for those of you who couldn’t make it, so that any questions you have will be answered.

Here are the updated rosters.

Arnold Tamara Robyn Mike
Al F Alena Aaron W Alex S
Arman Allison G Ann G Alexis
Bobin Danielle Brian H Amanda
Brian A Jennifer L Carrie A Angela
Denise S Joe B Cindy Brett
Emily B Joe P Connie Brigid G
Harold Joey Daniel V Bryanna
Hilary Kim B Gabriel Caitlin
Hyo Mary F Hani Chris M
Jacques Mike G John S Colin
Jen D Mike M Johnny Ellie
Jill N Mike W Justin Greg R-S
Jordan Moody Kasey Jessica B
Kyle Nate W Kris W Karl C-F
Leka Ran Lisa J Lauren
Lindsey Roland Marlo Leigh R
Megan F Scott K Matt P Louise
Michelle M Scott S Meghan G Sanjay
Nettie Som Meghan H Sierra
Paul V Tanjeet Sara M Stephanie
Shawn Teresa K Sid Steve P
Tracy Vikas Will H Sung
Athlete TBD Wesley Will M Zac