Week 1 Intramural Results!

Mar 3rd, 2016

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Week 1 Intramural Results!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.53.28 PM

What a great week to start off the Intramural Open!  It’s a tight race currently, with only 43 points separating the 1st-place team from the 3rd-place team.

Here’s how the point totals broke down for week 1.

Let’s Get Physical: 1,486 points
WODing Dead: 1,455 points
300 Club: 1,443 points
WOD Warriors: 1,305 points

Remember, there are lots of ways to contribute to a team’s score.  You get points for showing up to the workout on Saturday (even if you don’t participate in the workout), you get 2 points for your team for doing the workout Rx’d and 1 point for your team if you do the workout scaled.  You get 1 point for your team if you’re wearing your team costume on Saturday.  And then you get points based on your performance.  So lots of points up for grabs!  If you have questions about how scoring works, talk to your captain.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of the points for week 1.  Because we hosted the Saturday heats at all three locations, we didn’t assign points for costumes, Saturday attendance, etc.  We only had points for performance and Rx’d/Scaled this week.

Open Intramural Scoring Through Week 1