Yet Another CFO Athlete Making Progress

Sep 7th, 2007

Yet Another CFO Athlete Making Progress


Melissa before taking on Helen

Melissa is another of our athletes that’s been making serious progress in her training at CFO.

Melissa started training with us in early 2007 and has steadily increased her fitness level.

One of her recent achievements was doing all 200 of the prescribed push-ups in the workout Murph. That’s a lot of push-ups!

In addition, she’s made small improvements here and there in areas that are critical to fitness but may not be noticed by the casual observer. The example that comes to mind in this case is her overhead squat. When she first came to us, she simply couldn’t get her shoulders back into the proper position one needs to have them in order to perform an overhead squat. Now, though, through regular practice, she’s loosened up her shoulders enough to be able to perform overhead squats. It’s still a work in progress but she’s made huge strides in this area.

Next up for Melissa: kipping pull-ups. And I have no doubt she’ll get ’em.

Keep up the strong work, Melissa!

Open Gym: No Mas

We’ve decided to cancel our 3-nights-a-week Open Gym sessions due to the underwhelming response. If there’s enough interest for it in the future, we can revisit the idea. But for now, it’s done with.