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CrossFit Oakland group class

Get Fitter. Get Stronger.
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CrossFit Oakland

CrossFit Oakland woman jumping on box

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Dianne: "Not going to lie, I was intimidated when I started.  But the friendliness of the clients and the coaches won me over!"

Community Fitness Oakland was established in 2005...

We work to get you fitter, stronger and healthier.  We believe it empowers you to perform better in the gym, in your sport and in life.  We do what we do because we are passionate about every aspect of health and fitness, sport and fun.

We want you to live longer, healthier, happier, more amazing lives.

About CFO

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Free Intro Session

During this session you will let us know where you are in your fitness journey and what you are hoping to achieve.  We will do some basic movement assessment, explain our program, teach you a couple of movements and put you through a sample workout.

Gettin Started

Our Programs

CrossFit Oakland group class
Teen Program Ben coaching
Crossfit Oakland personal training
CrossFit Oakland group running

Group Classes

Small group, trainer-led and utilize the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied, functional movements done at high Intensity.

Teen Classes

No experience needed, but at least one 1:1 assessment session is required before joining us in-person.
All fitness levels welcome.

Personal Training

To lose weight, increase strength or improve technique, an individually designed program equates to faster results.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Our consultations will be tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle and give you the coaching and support you need.

Our Team

CrossFit Oakland Coach

Robyn Alazraqui

Owner / Lead Coach

I am humbled and grateful every day to be a part of a community that supports, encourages, teaches and affects change. My goal is to continue to spread the word about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to as much of the population as humanly possible, while empowering myself and my clients to pursue any dream, even the ones that seem impossible.

I found CrossFit in 2005 and never looked back. I am currently a co-owner of CrossFit Oakland and Endgame Athletic and have been coaching since 2009. My greatest joy is watching my clients, friends and family succeed where they never imagined they could.

• Precision Nutrition L1
• CrossFit Level I & 2 Certification
• CrossFit Endurance Certification
• CrossFit Kids Certification

CrossFit Oakland Coach

Ben Brown

Owner / Lead Coach

• Crossfit Level 2

CrossFit Oakland Coach

Joey Laurent


I've been coaching CrossFit for over 6 years now and while I love to use my fitness outside the gym (my current passion is tennis), I always come back to the CFO community to find strength and inspiration! Coaching people to move better, get stronger and develop their inner character is a privilege and I learn just as much from my clients as I hope they learn from me.

Our Team



What Do Our Clients Say?

CrossFit Oakland Meghan

Meghan Says:

"CFO has made me feel stronger mentally and physically, both in and outside the gym. It is a place where the coaches and clients motivate you to be the best version of yourself."
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