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Coach Spotlight: Lori!

Name: Lori Petrini

How long have you been a COACH at CFO?

Nearly 2 years

What got you started CrossFitting and Coaching?

I was a semi-professional roller derby player and picked up CrossFit to supplement my training. It really helped elevate my performance on the track. In addition to skating, I was also a coach of a team and one of the trainers for the league. Robyn once asked me if I would be interested in coaching but, unfortunately, I had too many obligations at that time. A few years after I retired, I was really missing coaching and decided to finally take Robyn up on her offer.

Tell us about yourself?  (What is your day job? What is your athletic background? Family? Interests?  Whatever you want to share)

Oh gosh, this feels like a dating profile. Single, never married, no kids haha. I have an amazing dog, Stanley, who made regular appearances during our pandemic Zoom workouts. During the day, I work for Sutter Health in Strategy & Business Development. I am also currently pursuing my Executive Master in Public Health at UCLA, which has me traveling every other weekend. I graduate in June! I also volunteer as an advocate for children in the foster system.

My life motto is - it's a good day when you learn something new

I've been playing sports my whole life and am always down to try something new so if anyone is looking to pick something up but doesn't want to try it by themselves, let me know! 

What is your proudest achievement as a coach (or member)?  What is your most desired goal going forward?

Whenever someone tells me they achieved a goal or got a PR makes me so proud. I am happy to be our clients biggest cheerleader and truly want to celebrate everyone's achievements, big or small. 

How has your time at CFO impacted your life outside of the gym?

CFO has introduced me to some really great people who I have the distinct honor of being able to call my friend. But my time as both a client and a coach has really helped me grow as a person and find more confidence in some of the things I do outside of the gym.

Why do you want to stay fit? 

I feel like it's a true gift to be able to move and be active but staying fit for me is more for my overall wellbeing. In fact, I'd say it's about 80% for my mental health and 20% for my physical health. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out at CFO?

It's all about showing up rather than showing out. Don't be scared, don't be intimidated. CFO is one of the most welcome and loving places you can be. We are lucky to have you here and we'll help you know it! 

To learn more about Lori, check out the interview we did with her on our podcast!

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