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Member Spotlight: ALEXIS

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

How long have you been a member at CFO?

I've been a member since December 2019, which is roughly 4 years! What got you started and why do you keep coming back? Reilly and I found ourselves hunting

for a new gym after our old one moved. I had always been interested in CrossFit, and really liked the focus on heavy lifts and the option to make the workouts as intense as you are willing to go on any given day. At the time, I was playing lots of ultimate frisbee and wanted something that felt challenging but distinct from the competition on the field. At the beginning I was focused on lifting to avoid injuries and build overall fitness, but increasingly I keep coming back because of how it makes me feel - I am a more patient, understanding, and happier person when I am consistently coming to the gym. I'm also increasingly becoming more motivated by seeing my skills develop further. Tell us about yourself? (What is your day job? What is your athletic background? Family? Interests? Whatever you want to share) I am a Sustainability Consultant by day - I help companies, cities, and organizations figure out their Carbon goals and how they are going to achieve them. Generally speaking, this means establishing a net zero target for a portfolio or campus and creating a near-term action plan to kickstart emissions reductions. I'm also currently pursuing my MBA part-time at UC Berkeley with a focus on corporate sustainability.

For my athletic background, I have always loved sports, and have had several different athletic eras. I was a tennis player for over a decade until the age of 18 when I decided to transition away because I had recurring tennis elbow. In college I started playing ultimate frisbee, and I went to college nationals three times with that team. I continued playing frisbee when I moved back to the bay area after school, and played on competitive club teams for several years (this is where I met Reilly!). Currently, my athletic life includes CFO and teaching pole dancing! I started pole dancing about 6 years ago at a studio near my office. I love how open-ended pole is - you can make it super intense and focus on gymnastics, wear 8" heels and dance with the lights low, or move as light as a feather to create something ethereal. It's been a safe place for me to experiment for several years, and I now teach everything from choreography to advanced tricks!

In any remaining hours in my week, my interests include reading fantasy novels on the couch and napping during football on Sunday afternoons. Since joining CFO what is your proudest achievement? What is your most desired goal going forward? My proudest achievement is probably re-gaining my pullups and toes to bar after losing them during covid shutdowns. For a while I was afraid they would never come back. Going forward, I really want to PR at the Total in a few weeks! I also want to consistently put on muscle. Feeling strong in everyday life is one of my favorite things about CFO. How has your time at CFO impacted your life outside of the gym? CFO is a centering presence in my day that helps me recognize how I'm doing and gives me the moxy to keep pushing the boundaries of what I think I'm capable of. Why do you want to stay fit? I want to stay fit so that I can scandalize auties everywhere by dropping it low in a silk dress at every wedding I go to until I'm 90. (In addition to generally being a robust, strong, resilient, and healthy human being). What advice would you give to someone just starting out at CFO?

Go heavy, I promise it will be okay!

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